Let's Brainstorm Room Names!

Started by Lollipop, January 02, 2015, 03:17:55 AM

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Silver and Quicksilver - Room duality stuff.
Focus - A Super Hexagon easter egg room? Maybe with in-air spikes to avoid.


You Have Forsaken The Gods! - for a room duality segment.
This Is Your Judgement - for a room duality segment.


Laugh Now - for a very easy room.
Who's Laughing Now? - For a hard room after laugh now.


this thread is going down the same exact path the dimension names thread was going...


Quote from: LafondaSaysMeow on November 27, 2016, 01:33:08 AM
this thread is going down the same exact path the dimension names thread was going...


Dimension LBRARY - A dimension-wide library.


Karma: Retribution of a mix of levels.

And it will be hard...  :vermillion:

Ally 🌠

Don't Break Your Controller - A very difficult room.


you could have just put in the pastebin link so we wouldn't have to work as hard

The Wrong Direction: empty hallway forcing you to go one direction

Bruce Michez

Welcome to Friend Zone - for a room with broken-heart enemies at the beginning of a Warp Zone-like section
The Endless River - for a wraparound room featuring the "waterfall" background tile (#722 in direct mode)
Inner Visions - for a room where the walls are invisible, perhaps using the enemy sprite that looks a bit like both an eye and a music record
Sloop John V - not sure what this should be, honestly
Vermilion Sands - for a room where you rescue :vermillion:.  If you like, you could use custom assets to make the "vermilion sand" deadly, as the real-life pigment is mercury(II) sulfide...
(insert villain's name)'s Bolero - if you must have an Emerson, Lake & Palmer reference


My god, it's full of stars! An empty room without wraparound.


Fobgyiyg : VERY HARD room. (reference to something hidden, and very hard)


Lots Of College: Viridian must make a 90° angle in this room.