Let's Brainstorm Room Names!

Started by Lollipop, January 02, 2015, 03:17:55 AM

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Quote from: Weird Shadow Machine on March 05, 2017, 09:12:22 PM
Bad Moon Rising: for a red room, with a lot of enemies and a moon-shaped design.  I won't spoil what inspired this one.
Ayy! I get the reference!

Bruce Michez

Till Death Do You Part - for a difficult, yellow or orange room with two ring enemies, perhaps with a church-like layout.


Quattro coming in with some Rez references! (you can also get it on PS4 and steam btw)


The Don't Die Room: For a Gravitron segment.

Bruce Michez

Warp Pigs - for a wraparound room, obviously
Another Verdigris World - for the room where you rescue :verdigris:
Goodbye Vitellary Brick Road - for the room where you rescue :vitellary:
Behind Victoria Eyes - for the room where you rescue :victoria:
Violet Moon - for the room where you rescue :violet:

might as well include this here too, even though I came up with it before: In the Court of the Vermilion King for the room where you rescue :vermillion:.

Bruce Michez

Key to the Byway and Maximalism - two room names I forgot to use in [X].  edit: currently working on an update for [X] that adds these room names, because why not.


A Room: anything really
A Broom: what do you think?

This Side Up: For a one-way room, or a room with one-way tiles.

VVVVVV but every time you enter this room it speeds up: A room you visit multiple times, with enemies at higher and higher speeds.

Ecret Pecial Omething: A trinket room. (Cue someone actually getting the reference.)

Bruce Michez

Re-Make and Re-Model: a room duality segment in a dimension named Dimension CPL-593-H.


If you truly wish to proceed, dont. - A room with a very hard maze used with warp BG.
Verve - used with a gravity switching thing where theres a small space in one room and another space where you can go up. example of what i mean (you have to download it cause im bad): https://mega.nz/#!Y2YCjIYZ!tX8oyyhM2YQhQLAzl1rZqVdYrD_LTQWpvainRze9FAs


Gotta' Catch 'em All - Basically Victoria's room in the ship
Yellow Devil - A yellow room with enemies moving to the right


The Tree-Toed Viridian Stalks His Prey - A green room, maybe with custom tiles, with those glitch enemies (because they look like foliage)

Bruce Michez

Everbero, Rogue, Multus - for a room that uses internal scripting to surprise the player with extra enemies partway through.  Do this in room (17,8) if you want the enemies to be actual ghosts...

Bruce Michez

Rebellion - for a room with the "LIES" enemy [has to be (15,12), (16,12) or (17,12)].

Mild Xenoblade Chronicles 2 spoilers:
I Love You... and All You Guys! - for a room with heart enemies, later adding broken hearts with internal scripting.  Only possible in (15,3).


Looper - The room loops, and must exit via Warp token

Maze Of Confusion - Use this for a bunch of rooms and make scripts to make it look like a very complicated maze. (I'll add a link to an example level, cuz I'm nice like that)

Lollipop - A Spiral with a warp token in the middle. It should have enemies and spikes as to oppose a challenge.

Dead End - Make a dead end. Put a script 2 blocks wide at the entrance that will teleport you to a clone of that room, but leaving the cloned room will lead you into a different room. (again, I'll provide example)

I would like credit for these ideas, mostly because two of them involve internal scripting. I go by Yolotroll101 and MemeLord. :P

Link to example level: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nqa2brg044qw6ho/ex_no1.vvvvvv