What's you favorite song from VVVVVV / PPPPPP?

Started by SoulEye, March 11, 2010, 09:34:27 PM

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What's you favorite song from VVVVVV / PPPPPP?

Presenting VVVVVV
2 (2.8%)
Pushing onwards
4 (5.6%)
Passion for exploring
3 (4.2%)
Positive force
23 (31.9%)
Predestined fate
6 (8.3%)
Potential for anything
26 (36.1%)
Pressure cooker
12 (16.7%)
Pipe dream
3 (4.2%)
Popular potpourri
13 (18.1%)
Waiting for VVVVVV (Bonus track from PPPPPP)
2 (2.8%)
Pacing Energy (New from VVVVVV version 2.0, not on PPPPPP)
6 (8.3%)
Piercing the Sky (New from VVVVVV version 2.0, not on PPPPPP)
16 (22.2%)

Total Members Voted: 72


I left out the jingles and reversed song for obvious reasons.


Tough choice, SoulEye...

I had to vote Pressure Cooker, though.

The Brass

Pressure Cooker, definitely. It's unique and mixes a ton of moods. The parts at 0:55 and 1:20 are ridiculously catchy, and the rareness of them also makes them great. The song fits the craziness of the dimension-crunching feedback loop mess perfectly. The initial theme is pretty much "wtf is up with this place". The rare part goes for the action going on in some screens or even the action of the loop itself. And the calmer part fits the feeling of being lost in something completely new, although it's most suitable for the batcave rooms.


In Pressure Cooker, the moment I like the most is short, VERY short, like most things are when you really really enjoy them.  Halfway through second 1:43, a new beat starts, and my chip goes "blarb!" for a split second. It's like a perfect golf swing, that hits the ball in a way that it doesn't make a sound, but flies further than any other shot. Except here's a sound that can be heard!  :viridian:.


Now I need to re-listen to the song to find it. Might be one of those things I heard subconsciously, but not sure if I ever noticed it.


Like I said before: Potential for Anything.
But... I never heard of 'Waiting for VVVVVV' or is that for people who don't have the game yet?  :o


"Waiting for VVVVVV" is a bonus track when you buy PPPPPP   :viridian:



I also say Potential for Everything, but I was quite torn between it and Predestined Fate..


Good lord, Potential for Everything was a brilliant song, when I first heard it, I was in aye.


Must say waiting for VVVVVV was a pretty amazing song. Love the transition for it. Excluding that one it would either be Popular potpourri or positive force.

Edit: Do you say twat or prat. I can not tell.


I think its "the levels that he made makes you want to call him twat" and then he rhymes it with "prat". So both.


Yup, both. I rhymed That -> Twat -> That -> Prat.



For a number of reasons, I'm going with Positive Force. 

I'll compare it to a few of the other 5 main in-game songs in order to explain why I think it's the best song in the game.  (Obviously this is all a matter of opinion, and should be interpreted as such.)

While it's tied very closely with Pushing Onwards, I would go so far as to say that Pushing Onwards is simply a tamer/"original" version, the main differences being the soloing that takes place on top of the theme and structure, and the buildup to the harmonic section (which RULES, by the way).  I'm willing to venture a guess that Positive Force was in fact created after Pushing Onwards, given it's obvious built-upon feeling.

Potential For Anything and Pressure Cooker are both fantastic songs, but they focus a great deal more on groove than specifically on a melodic theme.  It's like comparing Disco to Frank Zappa, which sounds a bit harsh as they're both rife with their own brand of excellent, but I've always personally considered a solid groove to be inferior to a strong melody, but not by too much.

Predestined Fate is a fantastic song, but again, it's lacking a general melodic theme, and instead goes for a haunting approach, focusing a great deal more on the relationship between precussion and bass sections.

And then there's Passion For Exploring, which for me is easily the next best song in the game.  If it weren't for the incredibly cheerful melody that drives Positive Force, Passion For Exploring and it's underground/cavernous tones would take first place.

Honestly, Positive Force is so good that I can't shut up about it, internally anyway.

SoulEye, I'm willing to bet that your brain is just littered with awesome unused melodies.  I swear, you're like a walking keygen jukebox from the late 80s/early 90s.  Your work has motivated me to get off my ass and focus on becoming better at using trackers (such as madtracker, of course).  Most of the way, anyway.  I'm pretty lazy.

EDIT:  <sigh>  I fucking love this soundtrack.  It's the only actual CD I have in the car, and it gets played often, as I frequently forget my mp3 player.  Can't wait for MM2.5D!