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Started by TheDevilTesla, March 20, 2010, 08:54:23 PM

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Original post:

I'm in the process of making a VVVVVV wiki and fansite (it won't have a forum, cause I'll just link to this one!)

I haven't seen one yet so I thought it was a void to be filled! Is there anything in particular that anyone wants in one?

If I'm missing one that exists already please point it out.


Excellent idea! Off the top of my head I'd say:

* General info on the front page (author, genre, price, website, screenshot, forum link, demo link, description, etc, etc)
* Page for version history and patches
* List of reviews
* Soundtrack details
* Trinket locations
* Maps
* Speedrun tricks
* Trophy details
* Entertaining/funny/informative Youtube videos
* Tips for beginners
* List of demakes/tributes/prototypes
* Explanations for room names
* Bugs and workarounds
* Pages for notable rooms (screenshot, strategies, etc)

Lots of games have wikis on wikia, so that might be a good place? For example Spelunky and NetHack.


I started a wiki on WikiSpaces. I am a little bit bothered by Wikia's attempt to monetize wikis by adding distracting ads and sometimes interfering with editing. I haven't heard the same about wikispaces, but from what I can see they only show text ads and make most of their money by selling advanced versions of a wiki.

If anyone wants to create a Wiki elsewhere because they don't like wikispaces that is totally fine. I'll just move the information I've already put on there over.

Of course, the best possible situation would be if we had a wiki hosted on someone else's server, but I would prefer not to pay for hosting something like that. The site that I'm building now is just basic HTML, and the way I'm hosting it means that it will cost me pennies to do so :).


Also, our wiki should be called a viki




FFFFFFan (A VVVVVV Fansite) is go!


I might get a url for it soon.

As you might expect for a site just made today, it's not done yet! I'll keep updating the blog as I add new stuff.


"The VVVVVV Soundtrack is called PPPPPP. It's incredibly awesome. Get it from the composers totally ugly website."

:verdigris: :viridian: :victoria:

I really need some help with that site :)



This is so cool! ;D

Thank you so much! I love it! Is there anything I can do for it?

Hmm... oh! Here's a complete list of roomnames:

Space Station (part 1):

Space Station (part 2):

spacestation2class.as:20: characters 3-13 : roomname = "Untitled room ["+String(rx) + "," + String(ry)+"]";
spacestation2class.as:56: Outer Hull"; //If not yet in level, use "The Space Station";
spacestation2class.as:92: The Filter"; //If not yet in level, use "The Space Station"
spacestation2class.as:135: Boldly To Go";
spacestation2class.as:172: One Way Room";
spacestation2class.as:226: Conveying a New Idea";
spacestation2class.as:279: Upstream Downstream";
spacestation2class.as:322: The High Road is Low";
spacestation2class.as:364: Give Me A V";
spacestation2class.as:413: Select Track";
spacestation2class.as:463: You Chose... Poorly";
spacestation2class.as:508: Hyperspace Bypass 5";
spacestation2class.as:552: Plain Sailing from Here On";
spacestation2class.as:597: Ha Ha Ha Not Really";
spacestation2class.as:693: Gordian Knot";
spacestation2class.as:744: Backsliders";
spacestation2class.as:791: The Cuckoo";
spacestation2class.as:836: Clarion Call";
spacestation2class.as:877: The Solution is Dilution";
spacestation2class.as:920: Lighter Than Air";
spacestation2class.as:967: Level Complete!";
spacestation2class.as:1002: Green Grotto";
spacestation2class.as:1044: The Hanged Man, Reversed";
spacestation2class.as:1080: doomS";
spacestation2class.as:1122: Chinese Rooms";
spacestation2class.as:1158: Swoop";
spacestation2class.as:1198: Manic Mine";
spacestation2class.as:1233: Sorrow";
spacestation2class.as:1289: $eeing Dollar $ign$";
spacestation2class.as:1337: Parabolica";
spacestation2class.as:1391: Spikes Do!";
spacestation2class.as:1430: What Lies Beneath?";
spacestation2class.as:1478: Chipper Cipher";
spacestation2class.as:1514: If You Fall Up";
spacestation2class.as:1553: Just Pick Yourself Down";
spacestation2class.as:1620: The Warning";
spacestation2class.as:1665: Getting Here is Half the Fun";
spacestation2class.as:1700: Your Bitter Tears... Delicious";
spacestation2class.as:1735: Easy Mode Unlocked";
spacestation2class.as:1770: Vici!";
spacestation2class.as:1805: Vidi";
spacestation2class.as:1880: Doing Things The Hard Way";
spacestation2class.as:1920: Exhaust Chute";
spacestation2class.as:1972: A Wrinkle in Time";
spacestation2class.as:2018: Brass Sent Us Under The Top";
spacestation2class.as:2061: The Tomb of Mad Carew";
spacestation2class.as:2098: The Sensible Room";
spacestation2class.as:2134: B-B-B-Busted";
spacestation2class.as:2176: V Stitch";
spacestation2class.as:2223: Prize for the Reckless";
spacestation2class.as:2225: characters 1-11 : roomname = "I Can't Believe You Got This Far";
spacestation2class.as:2271: A Deception";
spacestation2class.as:2314: Down Under";
spacestation2class.as:2353: Shenanigan";
spacestation2class.as:2394: Frown Upside Down";
spacestation2class.as:2431: Energize";
spacestation2class.as:2469: Driller";
spacestation2class.as:2529: Quicksand";
spacestation2class.as:2566: Boo! Think Fast!";
spacestation2class.as:2607: Stop and Reflect";
spacestation2class.as:2653: Trench Warfare";
spacestation2class.as:2697: The Yes Men";
spacestation2class.as:2740: Gantry and Dolly";
spacestation2class.as:2787: Comms Relay";
spacestation2class.as:2825: Security Sweep";
spacestation2class.as:2867: Linear Collider";
spacestation2class.as:2904: Atmospheric Filtering Unit";
spacestation2class.as:2939: Traffic Jam";
spacestation2class.as:2979: Leap of Faith";
spacestation2class.as:3020: Solitude";
spacestation2class.as:3055: Conundrum";
spacestation2class.as:3095: Welcome Aboard";
spacestation2class.as:3133: It's a Secret to Nobody";
spacestation2class.as:3169: characters 5-15 : roomname = "Outer Space";

labclass.as:26: characters 3-13 : roomname = "Untitled room ["+String(rx) + "," + String(ry)+"]";
labclass.as:64: Get Ready To Bounce";
labclass.as:102: It's Perfectly Safe";
labclass.as:141: Rascasse";
labclass.as:183: Keep Going";
labclass.as:224: Single-slit Experiment";
labclass.as:265: Don't Flip Out";
labclass.as:309: Shuffled Hallway";
labclass.as:348: Double-slit Experiment";
labclass.as:388: They Call Him Flipper";
labclass.as:426: Three's a Crowd";
labclass.as:466: Hitting the Apex";
labclass.as:508: Square Root";
labclass.as:547: Thorny Exchange";
labclass.as:586: Brought to you by the letter G";
labclass.as:626: Free Your Mind";
labclass.as:663: I Changed My Mind, Thelma...";
labclass.as:702: Indirect Jump Vector";
labclass.as:740: In a Single Bound";
labclass.as:780: Barani, Barani";
labclass.as:821: Safety Dance";
labclass.as:859: Heady Heights";
labclass.as:904: Entanglement Generator";
labclass.as:943: Exausted?";
labclass.as:983: The Tantalizing Trinket";
labclass.as:1024: The Bernoulli Principle";
labclass.as:1064: Standing Wave";
labclass.as:1104: Topsy Turvyism";
labclass.as:1150: Spike Strip Deployed";
labclass.as:1192: Vibrating String Problem";
labclass.as:1236: Merge";
labclass.as:1280: Kids His Age Bounce";
labclass.as:1321: I'm Sorry";
labclass.as:1361: Please Forgive Me!";
labclass.as:1402: Playing Foosball";
labclass.as:1450: A Difficult Chord";
labclass.as:1492: The Living Dead End";
labclass.as:1528: AAAAAA";
labclass.as:1564: Diode";
labclass.as:1609: Young Man, It's Worth the Challenge";
labclass.as:1646: Anomaly";
labclass.as:1684: Purest Unobtainium";
labclass.as:1723: I Smell Ozone";
labclass.as:1764: Why So Blue?";
labclass.as:1804: Philadelphia Experiment";
labclass.as:1840: characters 5-15 : roomname = "Outer Space";
otherlevelclass.as:37: characters 3-13 : roomname = "";

Warp Zone:
warpclass.as:23: characters 3-13 : roomname = "Untitled room ["+String(rx) + "," + String(ry)+"]";
warpclass.as:61: This is how it is";
warpclass.as:97: A Bisected Spiral";
warpclass.as:137: Take the Red Pill";
warpclass.as:178: Short Circuit";
warpclass.as:215: As you like it";
warpclass.as:253: Maze With No Entrance";
warpclass.as:290: As we go up, we go down";
warpclass.as:330: Time to get serious";
warpclass.as:368: Wheeler's Wormhole";
warpclass.as:408: Ascending and Descending";
warpclass.as:450: Shockwave Rider";
warpclass.as:495: Sweeney's Maze";
warpclass.as:543: Mind The Gap";
warpclass.as:591: Edge Games";
warpclass.as:628: The Brown Gate";
warpclass.as:666: To The Batcave!";
warpclass.as:704: This will make you flip";
warpclass.as:742: Twisty Little Passages";
warpclass.as:784: That's Why I Have To Kill You";
warpclass.as:827: I Love You";
warpclass.as:862: Green Dudes Can't Flip";
warpclass.as:904: Murdering Twinmaker";
warpclass.as:944: It's Not Easy Being Green";
warpclass.as:979: characters 7-17 : //roomname = "Outer Space";

Intermission 1:

Intermission 2:

Final Level:

finalclass.as:20: characters 3-13 : roomname = "Untitled room ["+String(rx) + "," + String(ry)+"]";
finalclass.as:62: 1954 World Cup Vinyl";
finalclass.as:104: The V Stooges";
finalclass.as:146: glitch";
finalclass.as:190: glitch";
finalclass.as:232: change";
finalclass.as:276: change";
finalclass.as:317: change";
finalclass.as:368: Vertigo";
finalclass.as:416: The Voon Show";
finalclass.as:456: glitch";
finalclass.as:499: 1950 Silverstone Grand V";
finalclass.as:543: DIY V Repair";
finalclass.as:577: Party Time!";
finalclass.as:619: Upstairs, Downstairs";
finalclass.as:670: Timeslip";
finalclass.as:709: Three's Company";
finalclass.as:750: Cosmic Creepers";
finalclass.as:792: The Villi People";
finalclass.as:839: change";
finalclass.as:883: change";
finalclass.as:927: The Last Straw";
finalclass.as:972: W";
finalclass.as:1047: VV";
finalclass.as:1082: VVV";
finalclass.as:1117: VVVV";
finalclass.as:1152: VVVVV";
finalclass.as:1190: VVVVVV";
finalclass.as:1228: Temporary Fault...";
finalclass.as:1263: Do Not Adjust the V-hold";
finalclass.as:1305: Regular Service Will Return Shortly";
finalclass.as:1342: Origami Room";
finalclass.as:1381: Teleporter Divot";
finalclass.as:1417: Seeing Red";
finalclass.as:1458: Building Apport";
finalclass.as:1494: Whee Sports";
finalclass.as:1530: Whizz Down The Shaft";
finalclass.as:1572: The Gravitron";
finalclass.as:1626: Tunnel of Terror";
finalclass.as:1667: House of Mirrors";
finalclass.as:1708: Now Take My Lead";
finalclass.as:1747: What Are You Waiting For?";
finalclass.as:1789: Don't Get Ahead of Yourself!";
finalclass.as:1829: Very Good";
finalclass.as:1868: Must I Do Everything For You?";
finalclass.as:1910: Now Stay Close To Me...";
finalclass.as:1948: ...But Not Too Close";
finalclass.as:1985: Don't Be Afraid";
finalclass.as:2024: Do as I Say...";
finalclass.as:2063: ...Not as I Do";
finalclass.as:2103: Mind Your Head";
finalclass.as:2147: Do Try To Keep Up";
finalclass.as:2185: You're Falling Behind";
finalclass.as:2226: Class Dismissed!";
finalclass.as:2263: characters 5-15 : roomname = "Outer Space";


Pages for each character would be great too. You could mention their occupations onboard the ship, where they were stranded, other quirks like how Verdigris can't flip. Hey, even what musical instrument they play :)


Ooh, I have another idea. You should make the name of the main page "Welcome Aboard", the name of the first room in the game...how very appropriate. I'll definitely be contributing to this Wiki.


Alright, I've created pages for some of the levels in the Wiki. Let me know what you think.


Terry, after working on the Wiki a bit, I have a few questions for you:

1. Is Viridian male? All the other characters are referred to as "he" or "she" in the dialog, but I can't find any explicit reference to Viridian's gender. When Verdigris confesses to Viridian that he like Violet he does it in a way that to me implies they are both male, but this the best indication I can see.

2. Can you tell us anything about the polar dimension? For example, does it have a layout? How big is it? Where are the intermission levels relative to the final level? If you take a look at the Wiki you'll see that I've tried to construct some "level maps" for the levels in the polar dimension. Do these look reasonable to you?

3. There seem to be two different types of teleporters in the game: the large circular "universal" teleporters that can send you to any other one, and the smaller concentric squares that send you to only a single destination (or the big one to the secret lab). Is there a name for these different types of teleporters?

4. On the page for the tower I mention "The background in "Teleporter Divot" is similar to the background in "Welcome Aboard", the first room of the game, where Captain Viridian was teleported to before the crash. This has lead to speculation that Vermillion was initially teleported to this location when the ship crashed, and then managed to make it up the tower to the teleporter before Captain Viridian was able to locate him." Care to confirm or deny this? What are the teleporter divots? Do they appear anywhere else in the game?

5. I've tried to work out some information about the crew, especially their occupations, but some things are implied but are not explicitly stated. Here's the best I can figure, with my speculations in [brackets]:
Viridian - Captain [Male]
Verdigris - [Engineer?] Male
Vermillion - [Security?] Male
Vitellary - Professor Male
Victoria - Doctor Female
Violet - Doctor Female

Is it possible to send us all the dialogue from the game? It could reveal some more factoids for the wiki!

Thanks! Any other comments about anything in the Wiki would br greatly appreciated!


The occupations of the crew members are listed after you complete the game. They are as follows:

:viridian: Captain
:victoria: Doctor
:vermillion: Officer
:vitellary: Professor
:verdigris: Chief
:violet: Doctor