Started by VAgentZero, April 17, 2010, 05:26:44 PM

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I swear, this reminds me of that "Rejected" animation where the animator slowly descends into madness, and his creations make less and less sense as they go.

I love it.   :D


Why does it read one of the comments aloud? First I thought that it was my Opera's voice features gone wild, but the same comment is read in IE. Is it part the game that I don't understand? :D Also I've noticed this voice sounds very much like GlaDOS. =)

VAgentZero, great comparison! :D


I think it actually just voiced a nonexistant comment, but someone copied it into their own comment as a joke.  For instance, I don't think a computer voice that would know to interpret "SFX" as "Sound Effects".

It would be really awesome though if you could somehow program a flash game to read aloud a random recent comment. 


The comment thing (which I think is easily the best thing about the game) was added after the game was posted. I was totally flabbergasted by that comment! Had to include it somehow. :vermillion:


Ahahaha!  I love it!  And the comment was amazing.  :viridian:


Is it possible for Flash to actually parse a web page and, for instance, choose a random recent comment to read aloud?  Because that would be magnificent.


Possibly! It's far from easy, though.

The Brass

Hey, at least it's a decent, honest action game, not a strange nongame like bridge, nottub and gdc. This and Envy are at the top of post-VVVVVV. Well, the musicification of Maverick Bus would be the best one.


And my fears of Terry's descent into Hertzfeldt-esque madness is confirmed with memrrtiks, suashem.

Why the epilepsy, Terry?  Why?!


I'm amazed someone didn't post a review of this game yet.
Well, for me, I think that it's an interesting concept, though not entirely new. Some direction would be nice, but I was able to figure out the game. Lose the annoying SFX. In all, 3/5


One time, there was a World of Warcraft ad playing on Kongregate while the game was loading, and the voice started talking. It sounded like it was reviewing WoW. :P

Interesting concept, though not entirely new. Some direction ... meh, never mind.

The Brass

Funny coincidence. Just this tuesday, I remembered the classic review, googled it and played the game a bit. Then this topic is resurrected.