Spike-counting contest

Started by SoulEye, May 10, 2010, 11:19:12 AM

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Haha, I would never waste hours doing this.  Never.

Okay you got me, I actually started counting and got all the way through SS1 before I had to go to work.  Probably going to have better judgment in the future.  Probably.

:( Can't I do something easier, like counting the drum beats in PPPPPP or the pixels in the Elephant?


Quote from: StephenM3 on May 13, 2010, 09:47:11 AM
pixels in the Elephant?
Seconded! We should definitely do that!


I've gotten many different answers by now... Participants will have their emails answered with a BCC email with the song at the end of the month. The song, by the way, is a relaxed, very catchy and earwormy song that will never leave your brain... EVER! :P

Hm, counting on the pixxellated elephant, no, that won't do! Hmm, if you want something easier... Write a story, where you include every room name in VVVVVV, on the topic of... A topic YOU guys put forward. Put some suggestions here and I'll pick one! The more hilarious, bizarre and fun the more likely I am to pick it.


Ah, just kidding really.  As school is out and I'm getting a job, my free time is changing from "anywhere between fifteen and zero hours a day" to "eight hours every day," and I intend to put that consistency to good use.  I don't think I could feel good about myself if any of those precious, precious hours were spent counting spikes that have already killed me anyway.

I'll just wait until I can check out MegaMan 2.5 itself eventually!  ;)


Kidding? How can you kid on this ultra-mega-super-hyper-important matter!? How can you actually claim you have something better to do than counting spikes? What a pompous thing to say! What's the matter with you?? ;)


SoulEye, you should send a quick e-mail to those of us who submitted answers just to confirm you recieved our submission.


Hey SoulEye, this begs the question - Whatever happened to MM2.5D? Since you're doing music for it, I have to assume it still is being made... But nothing has been posted anything about it since March of last year... way to get our hopes up and dash them without any news for an entire year! I know you're probably sworn to secrecy, but I just want the assurance that my most anticipated platformer of the last two years is actually going to come out!


I am sworn to secrecy. Though I'd like to spill my guts on details, I can just tell you that I'm contributing to the project, that's all... Oh, and that there's more trailers out on youtube. Go have a look! :)


This may seem obvious and/or pesky, but:

Can you even confirm that it is, in fact, being made?


About that... Yeah... My inner politician must come out to worm my way out of answering this directly; I am contributing to a project that could be referred to as Mega Man 2.5d. For further info, please keep watching http://petersjostrand.com/

So, a shorter answer is that no, I cannot confirm (or deny) it. My hands are tied... :)


The competition is now done, and I'd like to congratulate the two winners Ridge Shrubsall and James Kay! Correct number of spikes is [removed/hidden], which James NAILED (spiked?). Fantastical! Your winnings are in the mail!



Hmm, can't find it among your hints though  :victoria:


Nice! I was pretty confident in my number, but it sure is nice to see it confirmed. I'm interested to know what the strategies people used to count the spikes were, especially you SoulEye.

Awesome competition! Oh, sweet song too. It kinda reminds me of Pipe Dream.

I'll be adding all the spike count data from this contest to the VVVVVV Wiki sometime soon.


Congrats guys :viridian:

Quote from: James on June 05, 2010, 07:43:46 PM
I'm interested to know what the strategies people used to count the spikes were, especially you SoulEye.
I grabbed some maps of the game and converted them to black and white. Then I wrote some code that scans the images and counts all the spikes. Here's the tower.

However, that wasn't in the spirit of the competition and I didn't have maps for the intermission levels, so I didn't do any other areas.


Haha! Robson, you cheater!  :D

Congratulations, you guys!
I bet that song is just awesome.