Level format

Started by FIQ, February 15, 2012, 03:51:00 PM

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I just wonder, is there any documentation on the level format (the custom levels, that is)? I've looked into it a bit for myself and played around with modifying parameters with entities' "parameters" (that I suppose that pN is?). For example, I found out that setting p1="16" @ an enemy makes it act somewhat (but quite buggy!) like the one in B-B-B-Busted. I suppose that the internal level format is not the same, obviously, but it would be interesting to know what VVVVVV does with a custom level internally. Does it translate the .xml file to the same format as the internal engine is, or does it use a custom engine?

Also, I guess submitting a level with the entities "hacked" isn't permitted, due to the risk assigned?

For example, I tried to set p1="11" on an enemy. The result? A lot of strange boxes appeared out of nowhere and VVVVVV segfaulted pretty quick after that (probably due to too many entities on the screen).

Why am I playing with this? I like to experiment with things to find out what it does.



There are some tools that play with the custom levels; maybe you can to find something interesting looking the code.