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Quote from: Shasharala on June 06, 2010, 08:21:29 PM
1. I don't have the saving error like Robson.  The game just makes a save file in the same folder it's played in.
Had a play around and figured this one out - the game doesn't save if you press the X button on the window. It only saves by pressing Escape.


Interesting... so an autosave function at shutdown, eh?
Hmm... I'd suggest implementing it elsewhere if possible, since many people may quit by pressing x.


This is tons of fun. Very creative levels, and great soundtrack. I especially like the "The Storm" sequence; it's really challenging!

At the request of Shasharala the rest my message is now invisible until selected.

I'm wondering how to finish the game though. I've gotten as far as Pearl's gravitron, and it's not clear to me what to do here. It seems like I can just dodge her Xs as long as I want, but nothing happens. If I attack (touch) Pearl, she'll switch sides of the screen, and if I do this enough the Xs stop coming, but after that nothing seems to happen. Am I doing something wrong?


Augh!  My virgin eyes!
I'm not that far in the game yet.  Can you or a mod edit that so it says spoilers or one has to highlight it to see what it says?
Don't want anyone else knowing what happens yet, eh?

EDIT: Thanks James.  It just surprised me that would happen near the end of the game is all.  I didn't expect that whatsoever.  *SPOILER* I assumed a more peaceful method would be taken to resolve the apparent issue with Pearl.


Is CCCCCCCCCC+ still being worked on?


Heh heh ... about that ...

If anybody else wants to continue it, feel free to PM me, but I can't guarantee you'll be able to make any sense of my code, and you'll have to rewrite the engine since I decided to do so, stripped the old engine, and then didn't do anything else. I might get back to working on CCCCCCCCCC+ sometime in the next century, but don't count on it. I've got at least two other projects going right now, and I'm pretty busy with other things as well.

Sorry.  :victoria:


That's alright!
Maybe someday!


Does ANYONE know how to *SPOILER*
beat pearl at the end of the game? dodging her spikes doesn't do anything, and if you hit her she eventually stops throwing spikes and nothing happens.
PLEASE reply. If you want to view the spoiler, highlight it. Thanks! :viridian:


That's an unfortunate game-breaking bug that somehow slipped past me. It's supposed to trigger a cutscene.  :victoria:

Damn It AL to Hell

Wow, very cool, good job! Pat yourself on the back.

:verdigris: Ew, don't tell people that-
Shut it Verdigris!


I think you might need to set the console encoding, unless it's supposed to look like this.

Rohehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehero... ko. :victoria:

I sure am loving the music, though. Now I have a second MJ remix in my playlist! :viridian: (The first one was Serious Effect x Sonic 3 Mid-boss.)

Forced Motion would probably be my favorite. But... instead of Fushing Onwards, why didn't you do Force Positive? :vermillion: That one just seemed so obvious to me. Or Fositive Porce, if you like.

...How's it meant to be pronounced, anyway? I can't make up my mind between making it rhyme with "Pushing", or with a certain profanity.


The name was originally "Familiar Tune." The "Fushing Onwards" name was actually Souleye's suggestion if I remember correctly. It's supposed to rhyme (in my mind at least) with "pushing." For some reason I always imagine "to fush" as meaning "to attempt to swim against a current."

But yeah, you're supposed to use the old Windows encoding whose name I can't remember. I designed it for XP, so it might have issues on Vista/7. The Linux/Ubuntu/WINE encoding looks bad as well, but it's not *too* bad--everything just looks like rectangles.

My favorite track is probably Flip Happy. Also, you might want to check out Fushing the Limit if you liked Fushing Onwards ... it's here.


Well, it won't let me change the encoding for just that program, so I assume there must be a way for your program to set it.

Ironically the reason my system codepage is Japanese is because of a large number of Japanese games that have the exact same problem (although they become totally illegible, whereas this just becomes mildly amusing).


I don't think there is. You'd have to set it and then change it back when playing those Japanese games.


I just played the game today, and loved it! It was a little glitchy, but I guess that's part of the charm :viridian:

Though I'm disappointed about the ending not showing up. Any chance you could make a YouTube video of what the cutscene was supposed to be, or something?

I especially liked the music, and the boss fight was a great idea!