How to remove the fullscreen preference?

Started by proxymoron, September 08, 2010, 10:48:58 AM

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My apologies, I imagine you're going to be busy today after the Steam launch.

I have installed VVVVVV and ran it successfully under WINE, but I foolishly selected "Run in Fullscreen" without realising this didn't work in Lunix.  Is there a way to remove the preference file that stores fullscreen?  I can't run it again, now, since it has remembered this choice.

Many thanks


Oh, yep, you can do it but I'm not totally sure how. Basically, the game stores a settings file in the flash cache, which on windows is hidden in the "Application Data" folder somewhere. Search for a file called "dwvvvvvv_unlock.sol" and delete it. On Linux this'll be stored wherever WINE keeps its temporary files.

I was hoping the new versions of WINE would fix the fullscreen thingy. Guess not :(


Thanks, Terry.  Will check that out, later.  Can't wait to play!  :viridian: