Unable to save game after getting 20th trinket, in certain conditions

Started by m-tiger, September 12, 2010, 07:44:33 AM

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I just gave the game another go through, and noticed that I was able to get the game to where I cannot save the game with all 20 trinkets.

Playing through this time, I collected 19 trinkets and beat the game, having the 20th one being the one that you get in the ship from Victoria (Verdigris doesn't give it to you in this situation). Since I had forgotten to pick up that one, I continued the game after beating it, and went to talk to Victoria, intending to save the game with the trinket and then to go listen to the Jukebox.

So Victoria DOES give me the 20th trinket..

But immediately afterward, the cutscene that brings you to the Secret Lab kicks in. At this point, you cannot save the game, and you cannot warp back to the ship to listen to the Jukebox either. Quitting and selecting Continue to resume the game will just load up the gamesave with 19 trinkets again so you can do this all over again and still not be able to save the game with 20 trinkets collected.

I know that I can just unlock all the songs for the Jukebox through the option menu, but I shouldn't have to resort to that, even in this situation IMHO. Luckily I can just beat the game again and get all 20 this time to fix it.




Huh? That doesn't sound right... ???

The jukebox actually works by remembering the "max" number of trinkets you've had. So technically, even if you load your 19 trinket save, as long as you've had 20 trinkets before all the songs in the jukebox should be unlocked! (unless there's a bug I missed :( )


I had previously gotten all 20 in my original playthrough, but my flash cache had gotten wiped, so there went my original gamesave.  I forgot to mention that in my original post though, sorry about that. :victoria:

No big loss, cause I loved going through the game, and intended to do it again anyway. :viridian: So essentially I was starting over from complete scratch with no save files, that's why the Jukebox didn't 'remember' that I already had 20 trinkets before.

I don't think I forgot to mention anything else, except that I got the game on Steam, which shouldn't make a difference cause the version number is the same, right?

Attaching my current save files, if you want to take a look for yourself. Load it up and go talk to Victoria, she'll give you the 20th trinket, everyone goes to the Secret Lab right after. Can't save manually in the Lab of course, and there are no Teleporters to trigger a save either. When ya exit to the menu (the only way to leave the Secret Lab that I know of? Or did I completely miss something somewhere?) and hit continue to resume the game, it still says that only 19 trinkets were found.


I realize this topic is a bit on the old side, but it's still on the first page and rather close to the top, so...
It appears I've also gotten this issue. I went and saved everyone, got 19 of 20 trinkets and spent a good 5 minutes wondering where I had missed when I decided to talk to Victoria. 20th Trinket acquired, then boom, events are set immediately in motion.

I guess, when I think about it, I wouldn't mind going through the game again now that I know where everything is, but I have to admit, at least at first, that being unable to see all 20 Trinkets obtained when I load the cleared save had me a bit irked.

Anyway, just thought I might add my experience to the post.