Nexus City

Started by VAgentZero, September 29, 2010, 01:59:04 PM

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How's Nexus City coming along?  It piqued my interest last month and I'm pretty psyched to see something come of it.


Unfortunately Steam + Indiecade + Moving + Visiting home has interrupted my workflow lately, but I've gotten back into this project as of this week. It's the main thing I'm focused on, so I hope to have something to show soon - I'm leaving for Indiecade early next week and my aim is to have some part of the game playable by then.

I might make a blog post about this and a few other things later, actually.


Neat.  Glad to hear it.   :viridian:


Yeah great to hear more of it. I want to play it NOW!  :viridian:


What's this? Terry's making an RPG?! MUST PLAY! :vermillion:

When it's done, of course.


Can't wait to get my hands on the new game!


I've been getting antsy waiting to hear any recent news on the game...


I'm gonna do a blog post tonight to catch up on my current projects. Nexus City is on hold for a little while until I finish something else :(


Aww... that's alright, Terry.  I understand.  Stuff happens.


Yeah, I have like 10 projects right now that I never finished/released.

Damn It AL to Hell

Hmm, if Terry made this game, then I'm interested