Soon to release a short level and a new update to Abducted once More

Started by SJMistery, December 25, 2015, 11:06:15 PM

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Yeah, I finnally found new ideas to get through the level, and in the process i tought on a new concept for an intentionally mediocre level
EDIT Thanks to Dav999 for the editor: finnally, i have been able to move the No-flip Castle and expand the level to 20x20. now it's only a question of time until i end the third and second levels of the chapter 2

You will hate him once i make true use of the copy rooms feature in "The Evvvvvvil Maze"

Note: do NOT load a saved game if you are in the No-flip Castle. I have kept the original rooms until i make sure the copied rooms have no glitches, but they are disconnected to the game and they WILL send you off-bounds