VVVVVVX (It's a thing I made)

Started by Rox, October 04, 2010, 05:45:42 AM

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Quote from: Rox on October 05, 2010, 03:14:54 PM
Quote from: Terry on October 04, 2010, 09:41:33 AM
Wow! That's amazing! :viridian:
Thanks! I always appreciate your appreciation. Then again, I suppose this kinda is fan art taken to the next.. dimension, so I guess you have all the reason to like it.

Quote from: pilzi on October 04, 2010, 04:20:18 PM
It looks really cool! :vitellary: Terry that's how update 2 shoul look like  :viridian:
I appreciate the comments, but you're totally wrong about the version 2 thing! And I think you're also underestimating just how much work that was, and would be...

Come on. I do not want version 2 to look like that! It was just a joke (maybe I should've used a different smiley)
I want VVVVVV to stay a 2D platformer as it was. I wanna see that Proto world level and an editor!  :viridian:


My God, that is so amazing, my 3D VVVVVV remake, renamed to 3V, is still a work in progress, but the engine I'm using is so limited to what I can do, you're going to do an amazing job with this, good luck!


Oh, it's actually just a video.  Not a game in production.


Haha, yeah. It's just an animation, that's all. If it was an actual game, it would be a terrible one, looking at the amazing level design I've got going there...

Holy crap, what happened?! I noticed an insane spike in views on that video, and investigated where the hits were coming from.

http://www.bytejacker.com/blog/vvvvvv-in-333ddd (via http://www.indiegames.com/blog/2010/10/indie_game_links_a_panoramic_v.html)
... are the culprits. I'm, like, going viral over here or something. That wasn't supposed to happen.  :verdigris:



Yes, the video also hit Kotaku as well!


As evidenced by the video getting some 10,000 hits in less than 12 hours! Great, now the whole Internet calls me "Roxfox". Stupid ancient username...

But hey, at least this makes one thing pretty clear. People still totally dig VVVVVV! (So there's definitely a market for a v 2.0, Terry!) Several persons have claimed that they would pay much money for a 3D remake. Some jerk even complimented my remix of Positive Force, too...

Man... Peer pressure's turning a silly idea into something I'd actually consider making, and playing... If anyone wants to make a thing like that happen for real, I'm so in... CooL, you need to keep me informed on your progress on the thing you're making! If that turns out good, I want to help!


Sorry for ressurecting this ancient thing, but I just gotta know: WHEN IS THIS GONNA BE FINISHED?! I seriously want this.

Dispensers Heal

If someone mods this for Team Fortress 2, that would be funny. Watching BLU Heavies and BLU Medics flip to the ceiling to take out a RED Sentry Gun on the ground.

[GrapeTF2]Enjoy Your Permaban!  Ce_Rire



Quote from: PJBottomz on September 17, 2011, 01:17:51 AM
Sorry for ressurecting this ancient thing, but I just gotta know: WHEN IS THIS GONNA BE FINISHED?! I seriously want this.

I hate to tell you this, but it was just a mockup, and I have honestly no idea if Rox has ever thought more about making it into an actual game.


... Wat?



Damn It AL to Hell

pretty nifty I must say, I like that it is possible to walk on walls as well, but nice job! :viridian:


Damn It AL to Hell

Had to do what?
But the music pretty awesome :viridian: