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Started by Dynaboom4, July 06, 2023, 04:09:59 AM

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Hey, it's Dynaboom4, so there's my level for the 2023 spring contest level.
As a small information, my prompts were : Six, Minigames and the choice hot or cold.
Don't expect this level to follow too much the prompts because that was not my goal at all, i was more making something for fun rather than a serious vvvvvv level.
In the end, the level became a puzzle level, and so you should expect it to mainly focus on the puzzles.
Furthermore, know that a lot of judges really hated the end of the level. And it will be reworked in a futur update along side other things.
There might be also typos. (And i left some on purpose).

Playtesters : Goat

Here's the link to the level : I really recommend that you don't play the level, because it will be part of a bigger project i have in mind



Fantastic level! this must be my favorite Puzzle level I've played by far, I love how you take VVVVVV's glitch & tech to make some puzzles incredibly interesting.

I find it hilarious the fact how there are 2 contest levels that have a pizza tower timer reference, and in this level its used really good. The execution of the rooms need to be almost perfect to get out in time. I myself came out with only 4 seconds  :D


0/10 this level is impossible. Ice spikes block the way and you cannot avoid them.

Wait never mind they don't kill you . . .

Some interesting puzzles. I need to get back to this level to figure out some of the other trinkets.

Only one part where I got stuck on for an extended time for my first time playing.
I ended up asking Dynaboom if it was impossible, to then solve it on complete accident before even getting a response.


Hey, just to say here that i don't recommend anyone to play this level. I have in mind to make a big level that will contain the puzzles of break the parallel, so if you don't want to be spoiled on this futur level and have a full enjoyable experience, i really recommend that you don't play at all the level.