Trinket Heaven

Started by Crawler, August 22, 2023, 01:02:12 PM

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A level where you need to collect trinkets to save your crewmate.
this is my first level, it might have bad design.

Ally 🌠

Hm, looks like you can just flip into the gravity lines and they disappear...


Dunno why this level doesn't have much feedback but I'll say some of mine.
Overall the level has some good level design, it does have rough design here and there but it's decent for a first level.

There are places where you can easily clip outside the map:

If you go to the next room to the left and move right quickly you can clip right here.

And this is... pretty self explanatory.
If you ever come back please do make sure to update the level because the gravity lines disappear despite not having 8 trinkets.


I must say you have zipped the level in a really weird way because i literaly can't open it.


Works for me, maybe try downloading again?