Overdose: A level by Lollipop and Allison Fleischer [V1.4]

Started by allison, January 16, 2016, 12:29:17 AM

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Quote from: SteveGamer68 on June 01, 2016, 06:28:20 AM
why after you complete the level,it takes you in the main menu without giving any stars.Can you give stars?
I would give you a gold star but iOS so

Also with the gamestate they used to end the level doesn't give stars




So ending the level under a certain flag blocks the stars... So THAT's why no one of the most recent levels can be officially registered by the game as completed. Mean.


Levels shouldn't end that way, it's not a good idea...


Really, it's much better to just gotoroom() into a black room with the only rescuable crewmate.


or simply put a crewmate and end the level the traditional way. Donut the angelcakehole that decided that classic, script-lacking levels suck.


I thought that "All crewmates rescued!" would kill the mood at the end


Most of the levels that actually do that are mostly short levels that aren't levels (if you know what i mean).
Yours is an actual level with difficult obstacles, so might as well reward the players with stars somehow.
Dimension Á and most other internal scripting levels have you rescuing.
I don't think it would kill the mood.

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...my level that's coming out is using out of bound flags to give stars...


Quote from: Luigi master on June 15, 2016, 06:44:39 PM
...my level that's coming out is using out of bound flags to give stars...
Wait, does that really work? I thought VVVVVV randomizes its memory addresses on startup.

If this works, I'm releasing a bugfix update.

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Time to activate everything.

"Warning: Might break your computer!"


A lot of creativity and effort has gone into this level - it's a ride! Everything about it stretches the engine to its fullest effect and the conceit of a drug induced psychological universe is a great platform for it.

Would be even better if I didn't suck though - had to stop playing last night because of this room and the ones that follow.


Too cruel - I can never stick the landing on the other side.

But I'm not giving up!

i don't use this site anymore, please don't look at my posts

Good thing you stopped playing at night before the end.