Started by IAmSerge, October 26, 2010, 03:16:16 AM

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Hey there,
Is there anywhere I can donate to Terry?
I mean, I love all his stuff, have been following him for a while.
As well as this, I know how it feels to be low on cash and such.
does he have a donation page?
I bought VVVVVV today for $5, its awesome, but I read that it was originally 15.  Then, I found it on steam and decided to buy it there as well instead.  So I would like to atleast pay off the remaining 5 dollars from its original price.
So, to finish my question, is there a donation page I can go to do this?
Or should I just go buy it a 3rd time? ^_^



I'm not quite sure.  I havn't seen a link for that anywhere on his site... so I guess it's really up to Terry to answer this question.


Thanks, but I don't take donations anymore :) You're done more than enough to support me by buying the game! Thank you!


Alright, well, if you say so... =)