Super Gravitron: It doesn't save my best time...

Started by MλGNUM, October 26, 2010, 05:39:35 PM

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Today I just got 22 seconds and something on the Super Gravitron and won the 15 and 20 seconds trophy. I was very happy and all these thing, but when I started the game again my best time just disapeared and it was 14:10 (my old best time). Then I tried to get those trophys again. I did it (for the 15 seconds)! But when I restarted the game again, they disapeared again...  :victoria:
However, I also got a V rank on the Time Trial "The Tower", and the trophy didn't disappeared.

My game is updated to version 1.2 and I'm using Windows 7.

So, what's going wrong with my game?

And one more thing: my game breaks a little when running in Windows 7. However, it (the breaks) doesn't happen on my XP, wich is very sloooooow... But the Super Gravitron records are also deleted.


Well I'm not sure what's going on for you, but the first time I cracked 30 seconds on the Super Gravitron I quit the game by closing the window instead of exiting properly (via menus) and my time wasn't saved.  Ever since I've been careful to exit the game properly whenever I get a new trophy, and I haven't had any problem.