The enter key does not work

Started by coralium, November 07, 2010, 03:38:56 PM

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And who said brute force never solved anything?  ;)

I'm glad its working for you now. I spent all morning unable to pin this one down, so do let me know if it happens again. We may add an extra key binding in the next patch to supplement the enter key.

Enjoy the game.


Hey guys,

I just got this game as part of the humble bundle. I love the music!

Unfortunately, I'm running into the same problem with v2.0 on win7 home premium 64 bit. The enter key works fine in the other flash game that you posted.

I looked in the install directory and could find a directory called joy2key but it's empty...

Any suggestions? 


My problem was Num Lock. After I turned it off, Enter works great. Also, even before turning off Num Lock, spamming the enter key did eventually work.


Thank you! That fixed the problem! :viridian:

Haha, I tried scroll lock and caps lock but didn't think to try num lock.


Also purchased as part of the bundle.

Works fine on my laptop, but, wanted to play on my desktop - copied and pasted my saved game (no idea if it worked before I did this) but I am having the same issue.

The Num lock suggestion is  having no effect here however,  Pressing Control + Enter works fine.


The problem may be between Return and Enter, which I believe are not the same, ASCIIly speaking. And probably some keyboards/drivers are mixing them up as on most software the result of pressing one is the same as the other. Pressing Control+Return (the big key on the alphabetical side) seems to have the same effect as Enter (the numerical key). Or it's the other way around.

found this:

[edit] On my desktop computer with Xp Return (alphabetical key) works but not Enter (numerical key).


I was also having this problem on my laptop, and fn + enter ended up being what worked for me.