No Death Mode

Started by eyf, January 11, 2010, 07:57:15 PM

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WHAT?! :vitellary:
If that is even real, the next step is to collect all trinkets in no-death mode. :vermillion:


Mega Kudos to everyone attempting this challenge. Especially that one guy who did it :o

I can complete the game with a small amount of deaths, but there is no way I could do the gravitron without dying. That thing is horrible.


:-X Don't talk to me for the rest of the day.


lol, "Keep trying! You'll get there!" - "there" being the local asylum  :vermillion:


That actually really pissed me off. I hit the spike by one half of a damn pixel. >:( I wanted to rip my hair out.

It would've been better if it had just said, "Fuck you, loser!" instead of patronizing me.

The Brass

"driller is impossible"
-hydrochloric, after playing VVVVVV demo


The driller isn't impossible. I can beat it in one go.

But why the hell did it half kill me? :'(

Dispensers Heal

Fun fact:

Driller gave me difficulty when running through the demo.

Now, I think I could clear Space Station 1 without dying.  :verdigris: This doesn't include Trinkets, though. :victoria:


I could definetely clear Space Station 1 without dying and while getting all trinkets (and I have done it before)


My death record for beating the game (no trinkets) is 84 deaths. I think the <50 death award is within my grasp, but master of the universe? Forget it  :D

EDIT: Isn't it weird how when you're going for a low-death run, you find the most stupid places hard, places you'd breeze over if you were just casually playing through?


I've beaten the game in 19 deaths by using this simple trick:

Save often. Whenever you die, load your save. Rinse and repeat until the Final Level is too hard to do this practically.

It obviously doesn't work in No Death Mode.

Another weird thing is when I got to the Gravitron. You'd expect it to be really hard under the stress, but I did pretty much the best I've ever done (I died once on the last five seconds).



JK. I use invincibility a lot, so I'm really a cheater. :viridian: But it makes "Veni, Vedi, Vici!" so much easier.


My last attempt: My crewmate got his head busted  :victoria:
and I went  :violet:
Story of my life~  :verdigris:




...Isnt that even worse than before?

My record is 101 deaths on the main game. No, really. And because of my computer lag its impossible to get a V in the time trials, although I'm sure i could do it.