First levels EVER?

Started by Trinket4067, May 30, 2016, 08:57:33 PM

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Hello! I have a question: What is the first VVVVVV level you've EVER made? I'm sure everyone would be interested in seeing them.
If you can't find your FIRST level, show off the earliest one you can find.

For me, this is my first level:



I deleted the first ever level i made  :P

and i'm too lazy to find the first one i put on dware


Pretty sure Stereodimensional was the first level I made, not just the first one I posted (though I might have screwed around with the editor a bit first).

Ally 🌠

Dimension Crash, made the first time I opened VVVVVV, and I deleted it.
It had no internal scripting.
It was really REALLY shitty.
Then my first REAL level was Dimension Error, like 19203857% less shitty.

And DE is really really really shitty.

So like

Think about that


technically, the first one i "made" would be no one, the closest things are the fixed versions of Tower of Doom and Zanny Protocol, wich are just MASSIVE bugfix patches. Maybe Abducted will count as literally the only thing that was on the original level was the hub and the first level.




First level I made was Spikeland.

It was shitty until SJMistery came and turned ịt into a less shitty level.

I owe him so much.  :viridian:



Quote from: Kevinmonitor on May 31, 2016, 12:12:49 PM


First level I made was Spikeland.

It was shitty until SJMistery came and turned ịt into a less shitty level.

I owe him so much.  :viridian:
It's nothing really  :-[ :-[ :-[ , I always do that for polite enough newbies, or abandoned levels. 


This is the first level I ever made, it has a last edit date of 25 August 2011!

The level is completely in Dutch, but there's no story anyway, just pretty much random terminals. There is even a little bit of internal scripting in it, based on Stalefish's topic, meaning it has a bit of 2.0-only internal scripting. There's nothing to miss out on though, because it's only used to turn the alarm on and off, and it doesn't break the level in 2.1+.

I even remember first working on this level and not knowing how scripting worked at all, trying to put scripting commands in the name for a terminal and testing it :P And after failing several times, thinking "meh, I'll just make a level that doesn't have any scripting". But I suppose I found out how it worked afterwards :P

Also, if you've played Dimension Á, you might recognize the room in the last screenshot. The room in Dimension Á was actually copied from this level, because I wasn't gonna release this anyway. (I remember leaving a note somewhere in Dimension Á saying the room was from this level, but I can't find it now)

Before releasing it I only removed my surname from the level description, otherwise it's completely original!


Mine was this.

It's Bad.


I was going to wait until I finished my second level before posting this, but now that I have Dark Souls, that's never going to happen.  So, without further ado...

(Yeah, I never gave it a real name)

The download contains two versions: one that's exactly as I found it; and another that I fixed up a little bit, removing repeating scripts and whatnot.  Also, as I remember, I made this one before the before the update that added colored text boxes.


First, I just made a bunch of test levels where I tried out the level editor. It was just throwaway work so I never saved any of it. I tried to figure out how to script but didn't quite understand how to make it work until I found PJBottomz' scripting tutorial. Then, one day, because I was bored, I made a replica of Space Station from the main game. However, due to a VVVVVV crash, I lost some work of it, including the entire Doing Things The Hard Way puzzle, which I never bothered to recreate at that point. From this I got the idea that I wanted to make a level that was a revisit to VVVVVV. I struggled at trying to make a tower level though, until I realized the simple fact: You can't (This is something I refused to accept, and I've spent countless time trying to pull it off until I eventually gave up, several months afterwards). Then I discovered Stalefish's level and messed around with internal scripting, reverse-engineered the internal scripting engine, and tried to find a way to do it in the 2.1 beta (because I saw that there was a lot of stuff the main game did that you couldn't do in custom levels...). I remember messing around a lot with say and reply once I figured that was probably the most likely source of an "entry point" to the internal engine, inspired by what Stalefish did. After a lot of messing around, I discovered:

And then I made Back to VVVVVV, my first "proper" level. Also, funny thing, a lot of people seems to have liked it, but interestingly, Terry never ever gave any comments on it himself, something that disappointed me during the beta stage (from what I've seen in the forum in general, I've always seen him give excellent feedback, so I always wanted it). Too long I guess :P