Good Drama vs. Bad Drama (mirror)

Started by moth 🦋, June 03, 2016, 11:15:19 PM

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moth 🦋

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Good Drama vs. Bad Drama
As Well As Complaints & Possible Solutions

Good Drama vs. Bad Drama

I needed to get this out. There is a huge difference between good drama and bad drama. Here are some examples:
Here, Dav999 is seen teaching 5tr4 about bumps. He isn't directly attacking 5tr4 at all, or being rude about his correction in any way.

...There aren't that many.

Here, Vultarix is seen attacking 5tr4 as well as being unreasonable in moderation. His previous moderation tactics were unfair, and he's keeping at it.
In relation, Vultarix is seen here trying to support his claim by saying I had a part in it. I did not in any way, I didn't "compare evidence" nor anything else. The only thing I said was how luigi master's post could be ban material, and he took it from there. Either way, the only thing that should have resulted from luigi's posts was an edit or a 10% warning. A ban is way too harsh, and vultarix really needs to chill out.
Here, 5tr4 is seen taking TSC's rude and passive aggressive comment and repeatedly quoting it. TSC was already mean enough, 5tr4 should not have escalated it.
Again, 5tr4 is seen taking another user's post and adding rude commentary.

...And a plethora of others.

It is very clear that there is way more bad drama than good drama, and how do we fix that? Possible Solutions may solve these questions.

Complaints and Possible Solutions

COMPLAINT: Vultarix's moderation
Vultarix, you are being WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too harsh. Your temper is unbelievably short, and that isn't okay. It'd be fine to behave this if you weren't a mod, but you are.

Vultarix, maybe you need to take a break from moderating. Posting is fine, just don't moderate at all. It's okay to delete spambot posts, but don't react with mod powers to anything but. Let Dav handle it.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Learning from Dav
Dav owns his own forum, and understands how to moderate without being unfair and unjust. Take a few pointers from him, and watch how he moderates. He doesn't ban someone for a day because they made an all-caps yelling post.

COMPLAINT: 5tr4's mild spam and overall rudeness

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Looking through other people's posts
5tr4, you'd have better post content and manners if you read other people's stuff. Learn from them, and you'll be more liked and happier.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Quit hating on Vultarix and Luigi master
We get it, Vulatrix's moderation is unbelievably unjust and Luigi master has done her fair share of hate against you. However, this doesn't mean you need to retaliate. Realize that if you aren't jerks to them, they won't be jerks to you.