Viridian to the Future - Final Edition

Started by i don't use this site anymore, please don't look at my posts, December 11, 2015, 01:15:14 AM

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i don't use this site anymore, please don't look at my posts

I'm kinda busy with VTTF2 rn. Does anybody wanna help fix this? In return you can help with VTTF2.


I fixed it.  It's not entirely fixed because it keeps the cutscene bars on, but it's better than it just not working.

EDIT: Fixed it for real.  No more cutscene bars.


-----------------------------SCRIPTING ERROR----------------------------------------------------------
when the vuclear bomb say 5,4,3,2,1, it says "gotoroom(14,9)" and more

Ally 🌠

Maybe use grammar and we will understand



But it has too many spikes.

about only 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 spikes.

try to imagine that.

if you can't,
I put in some pictures.

[size=78%]What I see:[/size]

[size=78%]what [/size] :viridian:  sees:

look I really don't like spikes so if you add more to it,
try to lay off some of the spikes ok?

or if people want more of a challenge add more uhh.. not spikes.

thx!  :viridian:

Sharp objects are too dangerous to be playing with anyways
even in video games, right?


If you want spikes, wait until I finish "Abducted Once Again" ("Abducted Once More" sounds lame) and "Zanny Protocol TwoRemastered".

Because I intend to abuse the fake spikes to Honey and back on "Pixel Perfect Precision". Picture the "Good Level Design" room of "Abducted Once Again" and imagine using the mechanic with indistinghishable fake spikes, and all kinds of mean tricks.   (evil laugh)

I guess I will do a quick bugfix for VTTF too, but I warn you, I have no idea of how to fix the teleport scripts. Gonna use a classical, old-fashioned Warp Token like I did with Switchback.