Started by SteveGamer68, June 30, 2016, 08:48:58 AM

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tiles3.png is a tower tileset that is hidden in the game,but still possible to get it in player levels

First step:find VVVVVV at Program Files
Second step:Go to VVVVVV\data\graphic
Third step:Copy the tiles3.png
Fourth step:Go to documents\VVVVVV and make a folder called "graphics"(if you already got the graphics file,you don't need to make one)
Fifth step:rename the tiles3.png to tiles2.png (because tiles3 not work)
Final step:Paste the file you just renamed (tiles2.png) into Documents\VVVVVV

After that,run the game to test

NOTE:If you do that,you will lost the real tiles2 because the tower tileset replaced that
NOTE2:If you don't want the tower tileset anymore you just simply delete the tower tileset (the other tiles2)


probably just a cool texture pack only you can see tho

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That's a really bad workaround.
Like, REALLY bad.


Imagine if you renamed tiles2 tiles3 and played the tower...


Wouldn't the properties of the tiles be wrong though?

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Now lock the topic because it some tile are non solid and some spikes tiles are unhurtable