Spoiler alert (I'm sorry)

Started by SoulEye, January 12, 2010, 04:40:06 AM

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SPOILER ALERT. You've been warned.

Ok, I admit defeat. Almost. I've been at the room "I'm sorry" for several HOURS now. Can't get past it. Funny thing is, I did it quite easily in the first beta.

But lets do a recap... I'm by no means a bad player in my own eyes. I did the "Doing things the hard way" for recreational purposes many many times successfully, and loaded up the game just to go there, as that was the most challenging room in the game. I even landed on the speedbump 4 times in a row just to show off.

The new version of DTTHW in the final release took me something like 15 tries to nail. It WAS more difficult, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, judging from Terry's omnious utterances.

But what the hell? If I can do that, how can I'm sorry be a problem at all? I'm baffled. I've come up with something and I want feedback on it... See in this room, you can practise on top, what you must perform symmetrically below, to get the trinket made out of purest unobtanium.

I can do that on the top. It's EASY. I even circles around the thing, go figure skating with crazy eights, triple somersaults and go smoking in between without dying, no kidding! I can pass under it on every bounce for upto around 20 bounces. But when I come from below... No dice.

Why? Aren't they supposed to be equally hard? Well incase you think so... They are NOT! After mashing my head against the wall, 10 minutes later when I woke up and my vision came back to me, I made a (small?) discovery.

When I bounce on the line and come from the above, the head goes THRU the line a little bit, before he bounces. When I come from below, it does NOT.

In my strongest effort to preserve my gaming ego, I hope that this is a bug that's hindering me, and that it's something not all players experience, or else they wouldn't say that this room was no big deal. Do you experience this? Am I just a sucky playing trying to blame the game?

I'm all for difficulty. I embrace the challenge. But here... Please, let there be a bug. Please please please.


That's so weird.. I'm Sorry took me two tries but DTTHW took me over 600.

Seems like there's two camps of people - the ones who find I'm Sorry difficult, and the ones who find Doing Things The Hard Way difficult.


Sorry, it's doable. But at least I'm not the only one that did it piece-of-cake in the Beta and had a lot of trouble in the full version.

Then I went to a friend's house after work and pulled up the demo on Kongregate and did it on the first try. I'm somewhat baffled by this.  ??? Maybe it's because I was just trying too hard. Seems to happen to me in a lot of games where I just get frustrated and my play starts getting sloppy (I Want To Be The Guy, I'm looking at YOU).


I think the gap between the beam and spike is supposed to be smaller than the "mirrored" one above.

But for the bug, sometimes I've noticed him going further than usual through the beam, but then get a more typical non-protruding bounce on the same beam.


All I needed to hear was "it's doable". I did it now. I did it ten times. I did it twenty times. I even went back the way I came without dying. It's easy now.

But ... BUT!!!!!!! THERE IS A BUG! See, I was starting from the checkpoint in the room I'm Sorry all the time. I didn't spawn in Please Forgive Me in all the time. If you do that, his head bobs thru the beam.


It can't be done, I promise you. Try it. Try it for hours, like I did. 491 deaths. THOU SHALT NOT PASS!

For the first time ever, my brain wanted to curse the game when I realized the truth: It's a bug. But most importantly: I'm still an awesome gamer. And I have Persistance, Purpose, Power, Passion, and... Well, positivity usually is on that list but for the next 5 minute's I'm gonna sulk a bit so I'll say Patience. Case closed.


Umm.. what room *is* "I'm Sorry"? It must have been easy for me because the name doesn't ring a bell (and I remember all the hard ones).

Coming from the beta only "Not As I Do" and "Gravitron" had me scratching my head for a while, but even Not As I Do was easy once you'd figured out the puzzle in it.


I'm sorry is the room before you get to the trinket of purest unobtanium. Have you collected all the trinkets? It's in the "Get ready to bounce" world, before the "A difficult chord" rooms.


Never mind, I see what you mean now.

It is possible to do from I'm Sorry if you start by flipping the gravity when you've respawned at the checkpoint. I managed to do it once just now. However, if you just let yourself drop upwards and try to go through the gap, he will simply not go far enough into the bouncy line to let you through the gap.


Okay, I can believe that. :) I was ofcourse going for the fastest route. Cool, well, there's still a bug.


Funny, I never had problems with this room, and I guess I could do DITHW with a few more tries... But no matter ho hard I push, "Playing Edges" just feels impossible to me!


Quote from: Emöjk on January 12, 2010, 08:24:50 AM
Funny, I never had problems with this room, and I guess I could do DITHW with a few more tries... But no matter ho hard I push, "Playing Edges" just feels impossible to me!

The problem for me was, that I knew what was coming up, and didn't take the natural route of going to the checkpoint first. And so I was foiled by the beam bug (ooh, catchy name, that one's gonna stick). It is MUCH easier than DITHW if you don't succumb to the bug. I learned a hard lesson there...


Hmm... well, I've made it over consistently after leaving from Merge.  I run out of Merge, into Kids His Age Bounce, into I'm Sorry WITHOUT getting the checkpoint, then down into Please Forgive Me!, and back up to I'm Sorry to make it over the spikes.  So you can still go really fast.


When I got to "I'm Sorry" I started to feel like "Ohhh man... :( here we go again, like in DTTHW, with 500+ deaths" beacause I heard that it was pretty problematic.
For my surprise, I got the trinket in 5 or 6 tries... :/


Purest Unobtainium isn't especially hard to get, but if you're not looking closely at the map (and you haven't heard about it from someone else), it's the easiest one to miss entirely. 


It's very easy to get - unless you're foiled by the Beam Bug (c)!  :'(