Save games are glitched

Started by Isopod, December 22, 2010, 10:35:05 PM

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Ok, so I bought VVVVVV from Impulse two days ago. I really like it gameplay-wise, but there's one thing that is extremely frustrating: The saves don't work.

Now, the first time I figured it was my own fault because I had forgotten to add an exception for vvvvvv in the BetterPrivacy addon for firefox. It was half bad though because I hadn't gotten very far anyway and could restore my progress in about half an hour.

After that, I continued playing for a while until I eventually got to the point where I already had found 4 out of 5 crew members and had explored most of the map. Then I decided to quit for the day.

When I launched the game again today, I started off at a different place than where I left off. I thought that it was probably because I had selected "continue from teleporter", so I reloaded the game and this time selected "continue from quicksave". But that only made things worse, as now most of the map was unexplored again and I had only 2 crew members. So now my progress is (partially) gone *again*. Even exiting again and choosing to continue from the teleporter again won't take me back.

What the hell is going on there? This is extremely frustrating. No matter how good a game may be, I don't want to play it if I can't be sure that my progress is safe...

The Brass

Quicksaving has to be done manually. If you want to continue from a checkpoint, be sure to quicksave before quitting.


Also, before loading one or the other, check the screen, which shows the crew members you've rescued, as well as the amount of play time (larger time = more recent file).


Thanks for your quick replies.
I think it would be great if there was a warning because that behaviour is not very intuitive. Also, simply loading a save point should *never* ever override a different save point. I'd be happy if I could just go back to the save game I loaded first. But I can't -- instead I have to replay half of the game now...
What I'm saying is: This save point system makes it *way* to easy to mess up your game. As a side note: I also think it's bad design that the default action in the "new game" menu is "yes, create new game and erase my current progress". In almost every other game or program the default option would be "cancel", simply because it's too easy to accidentally hit space or enter twice when you ment to press only once.