Vitellary is missing! bug?

Started by spaceyraygun, January 02, 2011, 03:34:43 AM

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i just got VVVVVV so i turned on invincibility mode so that i could explore first. i was on a mission to expose every block on the map so i did the game "out of order" (if there even is one). i don't know what order i went in, but i never stumbled onto  :vitellary: Vitellary. he's still missing!

i've exposed every block on the map except the light blue section. i can't complete the game without finding  :vitellary: Vitellary, so please tell me what i am doing wrong? is this a bug or did i miss something?


EDIT: i should add that i am aware of where he should be.


Script trigger points are basically totally broken if you turn on invincibility and then do something you wouldn't normally be able to do. Sorry!

Without knowing exactly what you've done I can't really help, but a good thing to try would be to travel to the ship from the teleporter at the end of the first space station level, talk to violet, then travel all the way to vitellary through the second space station level! This might reset a few things, though...


i guess the only obvious thing to do is to stop being a wimp and play it the right way! :) fantastic game!