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Started by busted nut, December 09, 2016, 11:12:03 PM

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busted nut

It has been three years since I released Escape from the Lab. I recently came back to the forum after hearing about Dimension Anomaly, a true work of autism art created by a retard master of VVVVVV level design.
And this masterfully crafted level has inspired me to return to VVVVVV, to once again produce a level that people can play and enjoy, heavily based on Dimension Anomaly, Back to VVVVVV, Dimension Open, Switchback, and veridan is poopoo. Behold:
Back to Anomaly.

Now, before you can play this level, you must hear my thoughts about Dimension Anomaly. This level was a true masterpiece, almost as good as "you are suck.vvvvvv", although not as good as FMNFKLL and its unreleased sequel, FMNFKLL2: the lynchening. The level opened with Viridian on his ship, but it is destroyed. This is a metaphor for his life, which is also destroyed. Once Viridian leaves the ship, he finds himself in a void. There is nothing around him, and he has nowhere to go. This may represent the futility of life, and that life is not worth living. It may also be a metaphor for the creator's social life: non-existent. The greatest part of the level was where Viridian had to fight Vertigo and his evil henchmen, led by Gangrenous Gary. Against all odds, Viridian defeated the army of gentlemen and was able to retire at the age of 1 and a half, but he was grounded by his father Vahach for leaving the house without his permission. or some shit


EDIT: fixed a bug where viridian would glitch through the floor while fighting rectumpuncher89


mkay chara's gone back to work
This is literally the best worst thing I've ever played.  Just all of everything is just-just-
scriptingscriptingscriptingscriptingscriptingscriptingEveryone needs to play this not even kidding.  Please stick around this time, Woliken, we need more people like you!
PS don't let the name fool you, this basically has nothing to do with anomaly.


The game froze D::::::

:edit: ...

moth 🦋


Funny Topical Meme


Why? Why Abandoned Facility?


This is a true work of art, beutiful.
One can only dream what you will do in the future.


Chara finally did something useful xd

good level

Chara Dreemurr

I guess you like doing things the hard way, eh?

Ally 🌠

It's a joke not a dick
Don't take it so hard

Chara Dreemurr

Well, all I know about this is that he's new here, and he took away with it :victoria: