The music from VVVVVV has now been remixed, and...

Started by SoulEye, March 13, 2011, 10:23:59 PM

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Listening to both versions in iTunes, mine sounds fine at the beginning while yours (from PPPPPPowerup!) sounds a bit fuzzy/glitchy; it's hard to describe.


Ah. I hear it now.

Do you want me to fix it or is it acceptable? If you want it fixed, mail me the original again so that we eliminate the risk of me having a corrupted wav from before.


It's fine. Just a way of getting people to download FFFFFFFFFF. :P

Damn It AL to Hell

Everyone who needs good 8-bit music, go to SoulEye, you'll be satisfied!


I heard that at the back of this album, there's a picture of  :verdigris: trying to get rid of the veni vidi vici block with a cutting torch while everyone else watches.
Can someone post the image?


listening to them, i think i like "Positive force (Pre-Pulsen remix)" the best.
its even in the last level :D! (atleast, on the 3DS, no clue about the computer versions)

good job with these. and the original soundtrack!