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Started by mrytp, March 12, 2017, 11:16:02 AM

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Reflection is a short map with some internal scripting. | .gnitpircs lanretni emos htiw pam trohs a si noitcelfeR
Rooms: 19 (3x7 with a few empty rooms)                  |                 (smoor ytpme wef a htiw 7x3) 91 :smooR
Trinkets: 0                                                              |                                               0 :steknirT
Crewmates to rescue: 3                                            |                                         3 :eucser ot setamwreC
Playable crewmates: 2                                              |                                       2 :setamwerc elbayalP




It was pretty decent, but you should switch the protagonist. Last time I checked, Violet was in love with Verdigris... Also, some sections with Violet are a unusually tricky for this level.