Dicey Dungeons

Started by Viridan, June 30, 2018, 04:10:15 PM

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it's terry's newest roguelike that's easier to describe with gifs than words... maybe.

there's five playable classes in total, plus one hidden class you can switch to after starting the game. each playthrough consists of going through five floors, with enemies pulled from a pool of 40 different types. if you like what you see, play it here!

0.9 was last one available for free, later ones are only available by purchasing permanent access past an itch.io paywall (or if you joined the discord server early enough and dm'd terry or a key).

moth 🦋

oh right nobody's posted a topic for it here yet, whoops

yeah, if you havent played it somehow you gotta check it out! its seriously good



moth 🦋

and a new class, (the best class) the robot!


Looks like a pretty colored game!