VVVVVV: The New Adventure! [1.0 RELEASED]

Started by weee50, March 20, 2017, 01:07:12 AM

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Quote from: WoodStuff on May 07, 2017, 03:02:28 PM
but your status still says "VVVVVV 2"

(sorry if it isn't a status lol)

EDIT: found bug, just wanted to do something, and i found this bug by accident: when i got to the first outside room (yellow), and died (pressed r), the lab instead of predestined fate played passion for exploring (sorry again if it isn't the song for outside, i'm not 10/10 at vvvvvv songs)

EDIT 2: (so many edits) text in terminal typo: at last lab room (red, Trinket Barrier) the last message says "Rec[ie]ved" when it should be "Received"

EDIT 3: (wow edits) i can't backtrack from interjection intersection, help?
ONTOPIC: Great level! Got into the plot, though I noticed some parts that just didn't feel right, but every level has those.
Most of the bugs or mistakes I noticed have already been documented and/or fixed.
I like it!


I found a place where the player can cheat: When running straight right in NOT A Veni Vidi Vici you will land on a small platform in Well, maybe it is. I really don't think this is intended.
Anyways this game is way better than the original, and I know what I mean having played through that one two times. Especially the need to explore is something I've never seen before


Aw man... After seeing this... I quit on my map.
This is just too good compared to mine...  :victoria: