Operation Gravity - Where Flipping is Restricted

Started by cheesefactory, April 06, 2017, 12:36:13 AM

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(See attachment for download.)

In VVVVVV, we take flipping for granted. It's nice, isn't it. Well... about that... there's this new player level called Operation Gravity. In Operation Gravity flipping is restricted. Not entirely of course, for that wouldn't be much fun. Don't worry, these levels are explicitly designed to make Viridian's journey a challenge.

Operation Gravity begins as most levels do. Captain Viridian must rescue his friend from the circles, whose evils are as infinite as the number of sides they have. They have added a certain yellow block to their world. Viridian is unable to flip when on this block. Originally a glitch in VVVVVV, the circles have used it to their advantage.

The Garden is the overworld of Operation Gravity. It contains misleading paths, shiny collectibles, vines, flowers and all else associated with a garden. The Garden is the only beauty... the circles destroyed the rest.

Outside The Garden, Viridian must work his way through five levels, each with a new spin to the gimmick. Some rooms look indistinguishable, others look oddly familiar...

I hope you enjoy Operation Gravity! Please comment below with any thoughts, compliments, or critiques. But please don't flip out on the chat... Oh Wait! Operation Gravity bans flipping.

PS: Check out WWW, an outstanding level made by a friend of mine! It features 400 rooms filled with déjà vu and lots of fun.

Have Fun!!!
- Cheesefactory

moth 🦋

I think I'm gonna start with this level before I move onto your friend's, but which one is the download? there's two

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Does anybody have feedback for Operation Gravity they would be willing to share? (Positive or Negative)



Quote from: cheesefactory on April 08, 2017, 09:53:52 AM
Does anybody have feedback for Operation Gravity they would be willing to share? (Positive or Negative)



Pretty good custom, but it seems that this one trinket is impossible to get :    
Looking into editor mode, there aren't any warp tokens leading there. I don't know about scripting, but if there was like a terminal teleporting into that location, I honestly think I would've found it a long time ago.


It's possible - it's a puzzle trinket.

Spoiler for solution under white text: You have to get Viridian *inside* the one-way tiles. To do this, flip from the top-left, then move to the right at juuuuust the right moment to get him stuck in the middle of the tiles leading to the trinket. You can still move left/right, and can go under the spikes and grab the trinket.



I got stuck because that warp gate I can only open after I get  :vitellary: isn't opening