Fushing the Limit

Started by Whirligig, May 20, 2011, 10:32:59 PM

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Fushing the Limit

Someone asked me recently if I had an extended version of Fushing Onwards. It wasn't my best work, and there were a few parts I felt like I should improve, so I've come up with an improved and extended version. Credit goes to SoulEye for the original Pushing Onwards and Positive Force.

SoulEye: If you have any problem with me releasing this, let me know by all means.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?p8auvdq8yr7gv2c


Gnihi, thanks a lot Whirligig. I am listening to all your (the whole pup crew) sounds since a while and they still feel incredible nice to me. Keep going! :viridian:

The Brass

I get to listen to an awesome song without paying for it, so I'm pretty sure something is wrong here.


 :o You first post it publicly and THEN ask me for permission in a forum I was just lucky to check, without even contacting me directly? Do you have any clue know how this hurts both financially and emotionally? You'll be hearing from my lawyers shortly, Whirligig... If that's your real name.

... JUST KIDDING!!! This is completely fine in each and every way! Lovely song. Carry on! :)


Yes, my real name is coincidentally also a common noun referring to something with spinning parts.

I was pretty sure you would be okay with it, given that Fushing Onwards is available from at least two separate places.