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Started by QwertymanO07, April 07, 2017, 12:03:03 AM

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In this forum game, you must make a come up with a silly videogame idea from a prompt given by the previous player, then spend a paragraph or two describing it.  The prompt can be anything, from a basic premise, an image, or even just a funny title.

(Also, can the mods make a Forum Games board; it'd be really helpful.  Or is that an administrator privilege?)

Quote from: Player 1I'm imagining a bullet hell, except instead of dying, you just grow older; because death in those games are as inexorable as the march of time.  Then eventually you're just some geriatric man shooting people, and you have to make sure you don't break your hip, or it's game over.  I think it'd be called "Shooting Pains".

A game where you play as three kids in a trench coat trying to buy cigarettes
Quote from: Griffin02Let's think about the stats: strength, dexterity, voice, tall, and wisdom.  It's a squad based RPG, and maybe you can break formation, but if anyone sees you like that, you're not getting anything.  First task: steal an ID.  Second task: buy the cigarettes, and maybe you can attack the seller if the deal goes south.  Third task: wonder what you're doing with your life.

Tower of Hell; like Tower of Heaven, but reversed

So let me start you off:
Super Mario Iliad

moth 🦋

can we maybe not do forum games here? they're really annoying and clog up general discussion boards
can you take this to tolp they literally have a whole board for this


If they make a forum game board, there's no reason to keep it in General Discussion.  And besides, forum games would be a great way to liven this forum up, especially when you consider that the alternative is, well, tOLP.  Beyond that, we can create rules to keep it from being a shitposting hub.  Why should I have to go to a whole nother, much worse forum just to play forum games?

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Quote from: QwertymanO07 on April 07, 2017, 01:21:01 AM
alternative is, well, tOLP, a much worse forum just to play forum games?
because forum games are low quality and this place doesnt need more boards
not only would it not liven it up because thats now what this is for
why do you keep deprecating tolp? like jesus christ, just play your low quality forum games in a low quality forum, instead of ruining this community
made a poll for it also

you're just doing it here because you got TRIGGERED by info teddy
speaking of which we should unban him here too


Terry has indicated before that he doesn't want forum games and random nonsense here, and I also don't really feel this is the place to start boards for that...

Besides, what makes tOLP so "much worse" anyway? I keep hearing it's "more hostile" but seriously, how does that make sense these days?

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Quote from: Dav999 on April 07, 2017, 01:42:20 AM
Besides, what makes tOLP so "much worse" anyway? I keep hearing it's "more hostile" but seriously, how does that make sense these days?
its not and it makes no sense
qwerty is just upset because he's fed up with infoteddy and info turned his response into a meme instead of acknowledging it