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Started by pattoo1234, June 01, 2017, 05:50:11 PM

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Let the contest begin! Here is my level: Fear Factory. In this level, you must go through some obstacle-filled rooms to rescue the crew from the evil being that controls the factory!


(recommend to be put on loop)


Do you like my level? Or should I wait for 5tr4 to post his level?

Not Sure

I must be doing it wrong. I spend over an hour on nearly every screen I make.


OVER AN HOUR? A full HOUR? That's preposterous!

I have a good rule of thumb: if it takes more than three minutes, four at the most, then it's not real level design.

(/s, but it kinda depends on the level/room style. the level i'm making right now is about half an hour per room, core retrieval was like three-four because scripting.)

EDIT: Oh, also, I completed your level in three minutes, pattoo. All trinkets, too. I'd think, now that there's a real incentive for a decent level to be made, you'd spend more energy on your levels, not less. If that level took you more than half an hour, I'd be genuinely worried. It's completely insane.


Quote from: Not Sure on June 01, 2017, 10:05:52 PM
I must be doing it wrong. I spend over an hour on nearly every screen I make.
It's best to spend a lot of time on design. I've been working on a level for several months now (though admittedly not consistently)


For pattoo's and 5tr4's levels I'm going to write a review while I play the level.

1. Pattoo's level:
- Still no screenshots or level info in the OP.
- Not a big deal but the level has no author or description.
+ It's good how you have actually used music + roomnames this time.
+ The mirror image rooms are pretty cool.
- The trinket is way too easy.
+ At first I was annoyed you covered up the bottom of the screen with the roomname but "Or is there?" is quite clever.
+ The electric shocks are cool and don't last too long like in your other level.
+ "Grinding Gears" looks good and is original.
+ You have used scripting.
- I didn't mind you copying my idea before but the power off switch is a little too similar to Prisma's power off switch.
Your level  My level
- It's ok to keep the tileset, music & colour the same throughout the whole level if the theme is the same but you could have had different tilesets for different areas (e.g the mirrored rooms could have a different tileset to the conveyor rooms)

Overall, the level was ok. I would have liked more rooms and areas with other tilesets but I am glad you chose quality over quantity.


QuoteIt's good how you have actually used music + roomnames this time.

Reminds me of when people exclaim, "Wow! Trump acted like a politician. That's unbelievable!"

It's amazing what can happen if you set extremely low standards...


Edit:I made the level!!
Its called Iota. It has 3 trinkets.

Edit 2: vote on who's level you think is better here http://www.strawpoll.me/13110127/r


Review Part 2:
+ You have screenshots in your post and the level has a description & author (better than pattoo)
+ You have used direct mode, music and roomnames
+ The divide sign looks cool
+ 'Cascade' also looks cool
- The trinket room is too glitchy and annoying
- The transition into the elevator room looks weird (going from lab to space station)
- Don't put tiles on the bottom row
- Don't use moving platforms in warping rooms because they glitch out
- There are too many different paths after 'What goes up'
- Now I'm stuck in 'Dead End' and I will have to start the level over to get out. Brilliant level design!

Overall it started off well but once you leave the lab everything falls apart and what was that ending? Pattoo's level was better.


The dead end room has spikes. The trinket room glitching out is used in 2 of your points and I used the moving platforms in it on purpose. Them glitching out looks cool and makes a good challenge.
And most of the stuff in pattoo's level is copied from other levels. That come with the game. The electric shock is from Soul Searching. You literally gave pattoo points for using scripting but not me. You gave pattoo points for covering the bottom row with the roomname but you deducted points from me for doing the same thing. You gave pattoo tons of points for stuff i do all the time , but I dont get points for those. And come on , you don't give me points for having the right amount of difficulty in trinket challenges? Or for not having repeating scripts?


Hmmm. It's a hard choice, but I think I might actually say pattoo's is better, slightly. Not by much.

Iota gets points for some decent Direct Mode at the beginning... but that's pretty much it. Honestly, the more I think about it, the worse Iota seems and the better Fear Factory seems (they're both terrible though).
- Pattoo's level gets points for actually being a full 5x5 map. It's 25 rooms, how could you have a hard time with this, 5tr4?
- The last area looks like it was made in three seconds... Jesus, 5tr4, this is atrocious.
- Iota has out-of-sync enemies and uneven borders. Fear Factory has neither.
- Iota's scripting is horrible. Fear Factory's is dull, but this is like almost VXVXVX-level. "Thank you Virdian! Thanks."
- I don't know which one I'd say is "more fun"... maybe pattoo's? They were both short and annoying.
- Neither level has a single good original or even SEMI-original idea, but at least the delay blocks haven't been done to death. Yeah, they've been used before, but pattoo's usage of them was different that Soul Searching's, slightly.

Quote from: 5tr4You don't give me points for having the right amount of difficulty in trinket challenges?

No, because your trinket challenges are luck-based/really easy/no-challenge. It's not any better than pattoo's, you both had one freebie trinket.

Quote from: 5tr4Or for not having repeating scripts?

I mean, I guess that's one thing your level has over pattoo's? It's not really impressive to have non-repeating scripts, though.

Quote from: mrtyp- There are too many different paths after 'What goes up'

That doesn't make any sense. There are two paths, and one of them's a dead end.


Quote from: 5tr4 on May 31, 2017, 08:27:27 PM
If you win , then... I don't know , how about nobody can criticize your levels for a month!
I guess you guys want to be unable to criticize pattoo's levels for a month...
also , I had an original idea. The room Arbitrary Code Execution. I gave screenshots and pattoo didn't. I didn't blatantly copy other people's ideas. I honestly think the room Arbitrary Code Execution wasn't glitchy or luck based , I think it was skill and timing based.

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Quote from: 5tr4 on June 04, 2017, 08:11:30 PM
I guess you guys want to be unable to criticize pattoo's levels for a month...
nobody else agreed to this but you