How do you use Texture Packs?

Started by Box Shards, June 29, 2018, 01:56:33 AM

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Box Shards

I don't know how to use them, is there a file where i am supossted to put them in? i have put them in Documents/VVVVVV/, Documents/VVVVVV/levels/, Documents/VVVVVV/saves/, and yet the textures aren't working

any help?


Should work
If there isn't a folder called that then create one

moth 🦋

if you have custom sounds put them in \Documents\VVVVVV\sounds (again if it doesnt exist, create it)
if you have custom music put the vvvvvvmusic.vvv file directly in \Documents\VVVVVV

Box Shards

Thanks for the information, now i can use the textures!  :viridian:

moth 🦋

yeah, no problem! custom resources can be kinda confusing at first lol