"Golden Spiral" by Rox

Started by Rox, July 26, 2011, 10:34:31 PM

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I'm sorry. I really am. I had to make this, for those who can't get enough of a challenge!

This level is actually an homage to a thing, which was inspired by another thing that I, also, was inspired by while making this level. If you know what I'm talking about, hit me up for some free Internets or something! And even if you don't, please tell me what you think of this little piece of insanity!

I don't mind if you hate me for it.  :viridian:


Heh, this one I can't do at all. I was stepping through it room by room in the editor, but after a certain point I wasn't able to get past a single room! It's devious.



First of all, that was BRUTAL. Most of the rooms were very fair though, although a tad annoying to wait for platforms to come back into place before retrying. And while it wasn't the hardest one of the bunch, I found "Step Aside" a bit unfair, the flying things seem a bit random, and it's impossible to time going through the other section being sure to not end up hitting one of them right away, or getting into a position where two were coming at you at once. I left it mostly to luck for that one. As for the hardest rooms, I'd probably have to go with "Urging you to cross the line" and "Infinite possibilities"

Oh yeah, I just noticed, I didn't even attempt the trinket, because I didn't notice how to get there at first, but boy does that look brutal.


Oh my gosh, well done! I know what you mean with Swing on the Spiral and Step Aside. I know Step Aside would be very difficult to speed run consistently because of the random degree, but if you're patient, one thing you can do is hover on the last conveyor belt before the enemies and just wait to line yourself up. I know it's difficult to sit around waiting, but for that room, it's what I would do, myself.

As for Swing on the Spiral, there's actually a bit of a shortcut. If you leave the room to the right and come back in, the platform is in a position where you land on it if you just walk off the edge first thing you do. I originally had that room's checkpoint in the previous room for that reason, but I felt having to switch screens after each respawn was annoying on its own, so I left that little trick in there for the player to figure out.


Yeah, I eventually ended up figuring that out with swing on the spiral, that sped things up a bit. Other than those issues though, it's a very strong level.

But I seriously have to question though, have you done the trinket yourself? That looks impossible  :victoria:


I'll be honest... I haven't done it in one go. I didn't have time to playtest it as much as I would've liked. But I did inch my way through the whole section with the help of heavy checkpointing, so I know it can be done, in theory!




Quote from: Antimony on July 29, 2011, 05:35:50 AM
This isn't intentional, right?

What? No, it most certainly wasn't! Man, I know exactly why that happened, too... It was a stray checkpoint that I forgot to clean up after. Hah. Well, if we can patch these levels, there's a fix forthcoming...!

I am Ry

I'm really starting to question whether Swing on the Spiral is actually possible. I always end up going faster than the platform :victoria:


Quote from: I am Ry on July 31, 2011, 03:30:40 AM
I'm really starting to question whether Swing on the Spiral is actually possible. I always end up going faster than the platform :victoria:

Have you tried swinging multiple times in a single attempt? :vermillion:

Darth Plato

Quote from: I am Ry on July 31, 2011, 03:30:40 AM
I'm really starting to question whether Swing on the Spiral is actually possible. I always end up going faster than the platform :victoria:

It's challenging, but you can suspend yourself above the spikes by swinging back and forth.  That gives the platform enough time to cross to the other side.


WOAH. Brutally challenging level.

Very well designed, though! The hardest levels for me were "And Beyond" and "Infinite Possibilities". That second one is ill-named -- the only possibilities you have are which set of cubes to die from :P

Here's a pic. I never got the trinket, but I made it in one playthrough.


Nice, well done! Yeah, some room names are more fitting than others... Most of them worked out really well, though! Not to mention the cases where the room name ended up inspiring the room itself, like with Swing on the Spiral. Still waiting for someone to have an "oh, whoa, really?" moment regarding that, though...

Matt Isaacs

Absolutely adored this level. Finally completed it a minute ago with both trinkets. I didn't even start to realise that the map names and the level was based on lateralus until I was stuck on 'feel the rhythm' for a while and then went through some of the other map names in my head and was trying to work out if it was a weird coincidence how the lyrics fitted until I remembered the name of the level. I guess that was my 'oh whoa' moment.

Anyway thanks for a great level probably my favorite extension to the original vvvvvv.