The Lab

Started by SteveGamer68, August 17, 2017, 09:49:21 AM

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A (maybe) bad level.
Versions: 0.1,1.0,1.1,1.2
IS: No
0.1: No
1.0: No
1.1: Yes
1.2: No
(ALPHA): Not finished level
(COMPLETED): Completed, but may have bugs. First completed version is 1.0
(ORIGINAL): Not copied.
(COPY): Copied.
(TESTED): Levels that i tested to verify it's possible. Only version 1.1 is tested.
EDIT: EXTRA version 1.0 released and you can download them here!


Why all the different versions? Couldn't you just release one full, polished version of the level? Do the unfinished versions have anything interesting that isn't in the final version?


alpha versions are nothing. i guess i will only release the completed one. Also, some of the first room i created with the ingame editor, the rest are created with ved because that make life so easier because i can see the map and fill in the blanks.

And also, im working on an EXTRA version with 10x10 map (Double the size)

EDIT: First version of The Lab (not extra) (alpha 0,1) there's a terminal in the starting area but it got removed in VED somehow. there's still the script, but the terminal is gone.