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Not Easy Being Green
« on: August 23, 2017, 11:26:52 pm »
Not Easy Being Green tells the story of Verdigris after the events of VVVVVV.  A new dimension has several people trapped because they have never learned or are too afraid to flip! Will Verdigris be able to save them all?

This version (0.02) is only partially tested, will be updated as I get a chance to test all sections of it.  Whole map is filled, though. :)  It is HUGE (20x20), contains internal scripting.


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Re: Not Easy Being Green
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2017, 12:42:15 am »
The screenshots are a little big.

Anyway, it looks good!
You seem to have already gotten all the bugs I've found on the VVVVVV discord.


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Re: Not Easy Being Green
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2017, 05:47:15 am »
Download link:

Version 0.03 Changes:

1.  Areas 2-7 focused on in this update.  Most of the rooms in these areas have been cleaned up a bit in appearance.  Warp Zone/Branching Out are now numbered.

2.  Several rooms that were impossible before due to buggy scripts or bugs from the original game are now possible.  Notable examples: Jaws, Meet Me Halfway, On A Pedestal, Pushing My Buttons, Perseverance, On A Tangent.

3.  Several rooms have been toned down in difficulty.  Notable examples: Son of Beast, Arctic Conquest, Don't Close Too Many Doors, This World Will Do A Number On You, Long Division, Now Think Outside The Box.

4.  Several rooms that were a bit boring were just remade.  Notable examples: Cosine Wave, Go Bananas, Verruckt, Ahead Of The Curve, Gemini.

5.  Several rooms that have poorly synched enemies or odd enemy behavior due to room scripts have been reworked.  Notable examples: A Slight Detour, Hope You Made The Right Choice, Foreclosure, Carve Your Own Path.

**EDIT** Made a new version, not too sure what this board's policy is on multiple posts in a row so I just edited this one.

Version 0.04


1.  Game is now 99% stable!  All sections have been tested except for part of a very hard secret section. :)  Everything works as intended in these sections except for one cutscene which just doesn't show up for some unknown reason, and some weirdness with a scene in the secret section.

2.  Toned down a lot of stupidly difficult rooms, such as those in the green ? section. 

3.  Fixed a few rooms that were impossible due to broken scripts, poor platform placement, etc.  Everything in the normal part of the game is now possible.

4.  Hellevator section is now possible! Moderately hard but loads of fun. :)  Unfortunately the special scene (which is supposed to trigger upon beating it) doesn't show up and the characters just stand there. 

5.  First part of the secret section has been confirmed as possible. This is HARD (I died 1767 times in testing this).  Haven't tested after that point in the secret section yet though.


Version 0.05 changes:

1.  Poorly implemented kaizo section has now been nerfed significantly and implemented as part of the Hellevator section.  Original version of this section has been saved and will be implemented as part of another level, where it will fit better. :)

2.  Scripts have been reworked in Violet's room, so now there's 2 versions of the scene where you save her (depending on if you take the shortcut or not).

3.  Several rooms have been cleaned visually. 

4.  Several rooms in the start of the level have been reworked into tutorial-ish rooms.  These rooms weren't very good before they were changed, but now they serve the purpose of showing the player what the switches do before they are launched into rooms where they must learn fast or die a lot.  Names of these rooms were changed since they didn't make sense after this change.
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