Tower Of Doom - by PyNe ~BETA 1.1b~ 3 new rooms, trinkets and more

Started by PyNe, July 30, 2011, 06:49:38 AM

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EDIT: Hey all, i'm releasing a new update for the map, changelog and download in the end of the post. 3 new rooms, 1 crewmate, 1 secret trinket, new room names, harder rooms and bug fixes :)

Working on 1.12!

Hi all.

This is my first map in VVVVVV.

It's only the BETA, i'm going to add some new rooms when i have time; It's not really easy but its small, 24 rooms

Expect more maps from me, this is only the first, i'm going to make better maps   :viridian:

Hope you enjoy it, there are 3 trinkets and 3 crewmates.

I tried to make it hard, but not very hard, as i made a small map it couldn't be easy, right?  :vermillion:

Yes, i finished it twice its actually possible to beat it. You may get stuck in "Precision" and "Reverse Challange", they're hard  :vitellary:

So, basically i made most part of the maps with an 1x1 brush because i did not noticed that there was 3x3 and 5x5 brushes :P. It took a lot of time to do it.

Actually i made this map for challagining my friend, and he made a map for testing me, but i decided to post it on the forum (he may post his map too), lets see what you think of my map  :viridian:

Here are some screenshots. Download it and please leave a comment! Let me know what you think about the map.

Sorry about the short text, i made a larger one but i got a "file too large" error and it was cleared.  :victoria:

Version 1.1b!

Change log:

*Renamed the room "You're only seeing one path" to "Think Fast" and added another path, now are three!
*Renamed the room "Woo, spikes!" to "Sekips". and made it harder
*Renamed the room "The annoying room" to "Think Fast 2" and made it really harder.
*Renamed the room "The annyoing part" to "Perfect Landing" and made it really harder.
*Renamed the room "Woo, Secret Place" to "Yay, Secret Place"
*Renamed the room "Omg everything is so blue" to "Seeing Blue"
*Added the room "Green mode unlocked" (hard)
*Added the room "Don't Look Back" (very hard)
*Added a room without name, only with a crewmate and walls.
*Removed the test checkpoint in the secret trinket room

I think that's it, there's maybe something i forgot but thats the most important fixes :)

Here is a hint to find the new trinket: It's on the second room, but you can't take it from there. You can only get there from another room, it's a green one, basically that's all i can say :)

*Made Don't Look Back Harder and fixed some bugs that allow you to pass through walls, It was already really hard, but some changes was needed. :)
*Made Purple Room look a bit better
*Added a checkpoint in Green Mode unlocked that i accidentally removed in the last version. I decided to put it in another place, now there's no music changing all the time.
*Made "You selected the wrong path!" a lot better (finally, it was too easy)
*Added two enemys to "Nothing to see here" so you can't land directly on "You selected the wrong path"
*Made some changes in "The unnamed room" (finally)
*Fixed a bug where you can get a crewmate from "You selected the wrong path"

I'm going to add the new super hard room in the next patch. Actually this isn't a new version, just some really needed changes that i saw when i was playing my level again :)

-There will be a new, hard and secret room. (Hmmm, i'm not going to make it until i have a pretty nice idea)
-I'm going to make some rooms harder. (I made a lot of rooms harder in these two updates, 1.12 will made it more challanging)

Download link updated.
Screenshots updated.


A Pretty fun level! and some evil parts included  :vermillion:

Though there are a few RAE (Room Alignment Errors) here and there, its mostly bug free other than that  :viridian:


Quote from: Kurosen on July 30, 2011, 07:39:55 AM
A Pretty fun level! and some evil parts included  :vermillion:

Though there are a few RAE (Room Alignment Errors) here and there, its mostly bug free other than that  :viridian:

Thanks for the feedback :D
Glad you enjoyed it!!  :viridian:
And yes, evil parts mwhahahahhaha :D