Design flaw in The Tower of Power (Mobile only)

Started by SteveGamer68, December 22, 2017, 05:28:54 AM

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There's a design flaw on The Tower of Power. If you quit the game, youbwill lose your progress. You can't quicksave in mobile version and the game autosaves after you touch a checkpoint. But there's a problem - There aren't any checkpoints there! Because of that, the game NEVER autosaves and you have to start over if you quit.


Actually, the game only autosaves at round teleporters (not checkpoints), and since those don't exist in custom levels (unless you make them exist, and overwrite the main game autosave), there's no autosaving in custom levels. Also, quicksaving actually saves the game at the latest checkpoint, so specifically in this level, the mobile version is not missing out when it comes to being able to save.