Test of Strength [1.2]

Started by allison, October 01, 2018, 12:56:10 AM

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Test of Strength

This level was made for a level contest on discord a few months ago, and got third place! Now I've finally gotten around to releasing it properly. This version contains a few fixes to issues that were in the version that was originally sent to judges.

It's a level about challenge and what, if anything, that means.


* Fixed name credit
* Fixed clipping through ceiling spikes in "Graceful Flip"
* Fixed an exploit that allowed you to skip "FUN IDEA LOL"
* Added custom map image
* Added slightly different ending dialogue if you go straight for the easy route

1.1 (280 downloads)
* Full release
* Fixed trinket count being displayed as zero instead of six
* Fixed double fadeout at the end
* Added some new conditional dialogue when the player makes certain choices

* Initial submission to judges

Bruce Michez

Fascinating, largely for making something good out of breaking two major design rules!  Specifically, (spoilers) a DTtHW so fast it's pretty much luck-based in practice and a literally impossible trinket.


Pretty good stuff ! Although I'd have appreciated a slightly different ending if you went for the easy path first.

Two relatively small issues to report :
(Pic 1, from left to right) Flipping from the ground containing the checkpoint, and then prooceding to go into the spikes, will result in Vermillion somehow slipping through these, and reaching the bottom of the screen above for one frame, the same moment where he dies. It just looks like an unintended oversight, a fix would be to lower the ceiling by one layer.
(Pic 2) It's possible to skip that whole DTTHW section by doing a corner jump on the left side, reaching the place where Vermillion currently stands in the pic.


small update! finally fixed the issues balneor reported lol, plus some other little things