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Custom graphics for the 3DS version
« on: April 02, 2018, 04:13:41 pm »
This is subject to change as it was written in 3,14 minutes without deep tests.

You need imagemagick.

1)Follow the custom levels guide to decompile rom.fs

2)Create your textures, then export them in png without interlace

3)Open the cmd and type

Code: [Select]
convert source.png png32:edited.png
or, if you're on windows:

Code: [Select]
magick convert  source.png png32:edited.png
4)Replace the textures built with magick

5)Continue with the custom levels guide

This doesn't work on the pre-patch version aka the v*6hax version.

Many thanks to Tainy and -NyaKiwi~
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