hehe i am a shitty level creator

Started by Elaztril, August 06, 2018, 01:50:49 PM

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heres some shitty """meme""" level i made for the vvvvvv discord contest round 2, dont play thanks

if you play it ima be a sad boi


Despite the way you present it, it's actually not as shitty as you make it out to be. Has some gameplay to it, is not repulsive nor badly made... ofc it would stand no chance in the contest, but for what you call yourself a "shitty meme" level, it's way better than some of the intentionally, badly made ones you can easily find around.

Bruce Michez

I just ran into a rather spectacular glitch that I haven't seen in years.  Due to the placement of the ending script box, it's possible to trigger it and rescue :verdigris: at the same time.  This crashes the game.

Also, I had to look inside the file for the level's title so I could actually find it in the menu.  (For the record, it's viridigris is losst.)