How do I attach images?

Started by Xandog01, August 19, 2018, 04:03:33 PM

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I was gonna preview a new level of mine, but...

I have no idea how to attach the images.


If this is a linked picture :
[img width=x]http://putyourimagelinkherelolk[/img], x being a number which will change the image's size.
Remove "width=x" if you don't want to resize it and let it be as its original width.
Clicking the image afterwards either resize the image to its "x" value, or to its original size.

If this is NOT a linked picture :
I don't know if this is possible without links, so try uploading to a sharing image site such as Imgur, or plenty others I don't use.


Would uploading them to Steam work?


Think it rightfully should...                                                                                                                                 ..but you're going to try that for yourself :vermillion:

Info Teddy

distractionware literally says in its attachment "Allowed file types: zip"
literally means the only thing allowed are zip files and not image files
idk maybe it only detects file ext and you can replace the extension with ".zip"

edit: yes thats exactly what it does
the rule is literally "the filename has to end in .zip" not "the file has to actually be a zip file archive"

edit1: replaced "file" with "filename"