How do you make different coloured text boxes?

Started by Xandog01, August 21, 2018, 05:24:30 PM

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I was using internal scripting to make an orange guy speak, but it came out grey. I must have done something wrong.
This is what I put:
Hello Viridian.

Of course, I used an iftrinkets to trigger this.
(Also, I was using Ved with internal scripting on in this script)

Info Teddy

you cant make text boxes orange.

first off, the only colors you can give to the text command are cyan, yellow, purple (pink), blue, red, and green. gray is technically a color if you give it an invalid color or leave it blank.

there exists an alternate set of text box colors corresponding to each of the text box colors that can be used if a createcrewman command is called before the speak or speak_active of the text box. this will spawn a createcrewman, so i recommend createcrewman,-21 as it will spawn it outside the room if the room isn't warping in all directions (or is the super gravitron room, (20, 9)) and doesn't have any warp lines. but none of the alt text box colors are orange.

you can't have an orange text box.


so... what are the alternate text box colours?


It doesn't matter what color the createcrewman is, all that matters is the original text box color.