Author Topic: You know what's really cool?  (Read 1493 times)


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You know what's really cool?
« on: July 27, 2011, 08:46:17 pm »
I was one of the people who first suggested having VVVVVV be in one of the Humble Indie Bundles. :)

I say just put VVVVVV in the Humble Bundle #3 and no questions asked. The HB people always make sure all games are for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Terry didnt you want to make a C++ rewrite of the game?  :viridian:

Sure, but with Nexus City and Self Destruct 2 and [other secret project] I don't see myself having time for that.

(Mind you, if it meant being in the next HiB, I could probably shuffle things around a bit. :viridian:)

From the Linux version thread.

Okay, maybe I really didn't have anything to do with it actually happening, but it makes me feel special. ;D