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Started by Terry, July 28, 2011, 03:15:02 AM

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Also that miscoloured tile bug is very weird.

Thanks again for the eagle eyed hunting. :)


Well I do enjoy vvvvvv, so it's my pleasure.

3 more bugs:
-Music fadeouts when quitting the game can be heard even if the game is muted.
-When alt+entering the game to a window I sets the window size to 320x240, but uses 2x scaling for rendering, so only the top left corner can be seen in the window. I guess this only happens when I'm using AUTO fullscreen resolution.
-When enabling/disabling opengl the game gets confused about the resolution settings. Explanation follows.

If I had resolution set to AUTO before changing the renderer: After changing the renderer it renders the game using AUTO settings, but it saves 640x480 res to its settings (so the next time I start the game it will be in 640x480).
If I had resolution set to 640/800/1024: After changing the renderer it renders the game using AUTO settings and it saves the 640/800/1024 res to its settings (so the next time I start the game it will be in 640/800/1024).

Red might be bad, blue might be good. Or it could be feature and not a bug.

Quote from: starttimartti on November 20, 2011, 08:20:44 AM
-First and last columns of pixels sometimes freeze when it does the flashing&shaking (like using a teleporter or changing to and from flip mode in the menus). It does this to me only when my resolution was set to AUTO and not when using the 640, 800 or 1024 resolutions. Picture related.

^This one bug seems to happen only when the opengl rendering is disabled.

Damn It AL to Hell

The weird terminal glitch is still there, I thought you said it was fixed. ???


Minor typo: The word in Notch's website name is spelled "tumblr," not "tumbler."


In the Linux 64 bit version, a very strange glitch happens when you exit the game through the escape key during the 'combine' scene when the lab is burst into.

Once you enter the game again, Viridian is giant and causes some interesting level clipping errors which let you move through the walls. The giant size persists through death and through exiting the game through escape and selecting continue. The glitch is reproducible.

exiting the game completely and starting it up again causes you to return to normal size (thank goodness, I had only just finished collecting the 20 trinkets...)

Edit: Oops, guess there is truly a fine line between bugs and features  :D
but anyway, happy holidays everyone.


Celtore - I'm aware of that bug, and see it as more of an easter egg at this point. Congrats on finding it! :viridian:

Damn It AL to Hell

HOLY CRAP! That's awesome! I'm going to test it now!  :D


In script editor whenever you end line with colon (:) it breaks script as it thinks that this is another script. My proposition is to change way scripts are stored. Instead of one big <script></script> tag, make several <script> tags that will be like this:
<script name="script name">(scriptcode)</script> and just fetch them all.


A person I know had this glitch on the 3DS version: You get to 'Outer Space' early through an unlooped room. No teleportation there, so you have to reload.


Bloody hell! How did they even get to that room after the final level midpoint?


I know said person used invincibility mode because he raged a bit through previous screens. Specifically:

22:13   drf|laptop   I had already saved it at the glitched area.
22:14   drf|laptop   as in, I fell through the map and wound up at that room
22:14   drf|laptop   I couldn't replicate THAT part on the video but what I found was even better, trust me

In The Final Challenge, according to said person, it's possible to fall through those vertical slots before the intended exit.


So it's an invincibility glitch. Oh, one more thing; the person can't complete the game now. He's ended up in the normal VVVVVV Dimension, but still with the flashing destabilized screen colors. He can't access that last trinket nor get to the secret lab. :/


Oh :o Well, that's a shame, but there are a number of ways invincibility breaks the game. There's not much I can do about it.


When you turn on Invincibility, you get a message below that say "GLITCHES MAY OCCUR" or something like that.

It's game-breaking but at the same time it's fun to mess around with it.
Now...if you mess up your game because of it... delete the save file and start all over again~


Quote from: Quanyails on December 30, 2011, 03:00:47 AM
get to 'Outer Space' early through an unlooped room

well, how about getting to Outer Space from within a looped room? :D i call it, The Gravitron fling. and no Invincibility was used in my videos, that would be stupid.

also, another bug in the 3DS version, resetting the game so you have saved no one and have no trinkets :D!
again, no Invincibility.

Edit: more glitches :D!
gotta do the reset glitch i made first though. IMO, the 3DS version is better then the computer version. why? cause of glitches like this, i love these :D.

Edit again: well, i did it, i froze the 3DS ;D.
i did use Invincibility though, but still! thats awesome.

Edit again again: more glitches  :viridian:
i call it Remote touch, because you can touch anything on the right side, and wont let you go left (in the main game)

Edit edit again again:
music not looping after saving someone in a user made level.


Here are a few bugs I found long ago but was too lazy to post. These maybe already mentioned here but whatever.
It's the 2.1 Windows version.

Sometimes my windowed game just suddenly turns into fullscreen mode. I think it only happens when I pressed enter but I'm not sure. The last time I had this happen was when I pressed enter to read a terminal.

Sometimes when I play a player made level, when I check the map an entire vertical line is shown as visited. This happened once in the middle part, and recently happened at the right end.