My first level & collab

Started by KirbyCreep, March 04, 2019, 12:18:31 PM

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Just download the level. Is like the only reason why I made this account (to share my levels and talk about this things)


I wanted to do a collab. One user per room.
How much rooms do I do?
Edit after like, 5 minutes: By "do" I mean the size of the map.
How about a 10x10 size map?
You know, I want to, in the final room, make a credits (showing all the creators) roll.
I was also thinking about, the name of the creator has to be his room name or it has to appear somewhere in his room.

OR I can make it 5x5, as I know probably no one will see this xD

Edit 2: Ok, I made my part in the "collab". I can leave the download here, if anyone wants to join.
When you finished your part, leave the link in the replies/comments/whatsoever so people can make their part too!



Well, this if your first level, so the next one is more likely to be better. As Robin said this is a bit lacking in terms of longevity nor content, so there's not much we can talk about, but that's okay. For now the first advice I would give, is to make borders to your level, in order to contain the player within the play area. This is so he doesn't wander in unintended locations, and possibly break the entire level down. Additionally as a player, it looks cleaner and more enticing to play as a whole.