Betaworld (AKA Unshackled 2): The First Chapter by Betaworld Team

Started by allison, May 12, 2019, 01:37:50 PM

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Download / Soundtrack

Betaworld is out now! I pretty much only made the music; most of the level's content was made by Betaworld Team (you might know her as Chara, who was banned awhile ago so I'm uploading it for her here). Her description:

"This is the sequel to Unshackled, by Allison Fleischer.
I created it because after playing Deltarune, I figured, 'What if Terry created a sequel to his game?'
This doesn't mean I won't be making a chapter 2, because I will. But chapter one is the joke. Chapter two, we're gonna get much more serious."

WARNING: This contains spoilers about Deltarune and Unshackled. If you have not played Deltarune or Unshackled, I strongly recommend that you play those levels.


moth 🦋


The only notable problems in this level, are repeating scripts and "staying black cutscene bars" glitch.

While we can clearly see that Chara was certaintly aware of these problems, due to flag commands being used in scripts from time to time, they mostly were misused. At least concerning the scripts in (8,3) (12,4) (10,9). He should go for a "load script" type of command. Here's a quick summary, from one of my recent posts :

Quote from: Balneor on April 29, 2019, 07:34:39 PM
create a script called "story" containing story elements that you want the player to trigger and see.
Inside "story", write only this :


It's important to know that there should be absolutely nothing inside the script named "stop".
Inside the one named "loadascript", there should be the story, but make sure that the flag is activated when you access that script.

Besides, there are a lot of very minor issues, like an unfilled hole (12,7), player getting seemingly stuck if he enters the room in (4,8) while having reverse gravity, possible wall-clipping at (5,1)...
But it's stuff that won't annoy the player very much, if at all.

Either way, this remains functional, and is part of distractionware's VVVVVV community history.


Chara Dreemurr

Unshackled is probably one of the greatest levels I have ever played. And it'd be a shame to not get to see a level made to be a sequel. So I made an Unshackled sequel called Betaworld. It was intended to be a joke level, but after realizing I should be more serious, I decided to edit it to be more accurate. I'll be uploading a new ZIP file soon.